OP-1 Battle #74: the Fake Battle

Good day, friends, it’s time to introduce the 74th battle in this venerable series of OP1 battles. Scroll down if you just want see the rules because I’m gonna ramble a bit first.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve just lived a whole year of restrictions, and I don’t want this battle to bring along more of them. I am also grateful that just over a year ago I met a friend from the USA who plays guitar and loves, among many things, jazz. We have been playing and learning old jazz tunes together. There’s something special in the way great jazz players reinterpret and reinvent old tunes in a way that brings something new. They were remixing before remixing was even possible.

It’s so common to version old jazz tunes that you can buy books full of them called Fake Books. (So named because it lets you ‘fake’ knowledge of 600 classic tunes). Do we need the Fake Book now we can now quote things directly? What would Gábor Szabó say if he could hear this?

The first rule of the battle is to recreate and/or remix a classic jazz tune.

I’ve been a horn player for years, and … while playing the OP-1 on your own can entertain you the whole day, playing trombone alone gets old. Great composers bring horn players together and layer the instruments into thick stacks of melody. There are a million examples of this in the Big Band genre and here’s a simple favorite of mine:

The second rule rule of the battle is to layer the OP-1’s synth engines as if they were horn players.

More concretely, here is how to participate in OP-1 battle 74:

  1. Choose an existing tune. If you like jazz, choose a classic jazz tune. If you like something else, interpret “jazz” to mean whatever you want it to mean, and then choose a classic jazz tune.
  2. Decide if you prefer to remix the tune – use its samples to create new art – or recreate the tune – use its melody, harmony or rhythm to create new art.
  3. Assemble your orchestra. The OP-1’s synth engines sound so good that I often use them solo, but imagine what they can do in combination. Find or create 2 or 3 patches that sound good together, and use them. Think about how sounds can complement each other… a percussive string sound with a spectral cluster, for example. If there’s a patch you avoid because it’s not “full” enough, perhaps it’s just looking for a friend.
  4. Go! The battle closes in 4 weeks time – Saturday 22nd May will be the last day.

Do we normally allow multiple entries? I encourage both a remix and a recreate entry.

Don’t have an OP-1? See the Open Open Battle #2… and/or submit something for this battle anyway and see who notices.

Have fun!


Yay! I’m down.

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Sounds good to me!

NICE!!! gonna be my first battle! i was planning on remixing a jazz song anyways so this is perfect timing/motivation to learn more

Sounds cool, nice brief :slight_smile:

Do you set some kind of deadline so that we procrastinate until then, thinking about the big plan, and go into frenzy the D-day, asking for another week?

Thanks! I gave 4 weeks as a deadline, so … Saturday 22nd May is the last day to submit tunes. If anyone asks for an extension, I will set them up the bomb. :firecracker: :bomb:

Damn, I must have read the brief three times before asking this.
Hard weekend, sorry mate.

Many things must be said at least three times before they become true :grinning:

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I didn’t really make this. it’s not jazz. it’s whatever I want it to mean.

so allow me to introduce myself. Hi!

in terms of Orchestra. sounds like my last name, or as the expression goes my middle name? jazz it up kid!! don’t ever hesitate on rule number four. purple. urps, people. for the people, by me.

Hi again!

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Thanks @kln, great entry! I like the trumpet solo in particular.

Who is next? Still plenty of time … 18 days to be roughly exact… make good use of them!

remix, not really. more of an improv, with jazz, jazz and then more jazz. duh-na-nuh-na.

which reminds me. have you heard about battle 74? fake!


Not entering this battle. (made on op-z)
Just remapped bunch of samples from that jazz Art Blakey tune to a keyboard and jammed away !


Made a Cover of Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.
During quarantine I was learning to play it on the piano.

Ok, it’s not explicite Jazz but with the Swing it gets close.

Two days of fun! Thanks to @ssam

And now! Welcome to the Op-1 Orchestra:


heyyyy hi… really liked that.
.taht dekil yllaer …ih yyyyeh

Reminds me of funki porcini.

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Some great entries coming in!
Nice to hear the first recreate entry! And some masterful remix entries keep coming… :trumpet:

It’s shaping up to be a nice battle, there are two full weeks remaining for anyone who is still trying to find the time to contribute! :slight_smile:

Never thought I would actually finish it. But this was so much fun I just sat at it for 5 hours I think; well at least that’s how my back feels.

Thank you Ssam for this cool idea.
I decided I wanted to do a real classic and see how far I come. I’m most proud of the double bass sound!

Here we go:


Nice! I love how the lead sound somehow reminds me of the 1961 version of Daisy Bell. Did you do any layering for the bass or is that just one sound?

I realise I wasn’t clear in the rules about external synths, instruments, etc. You can include one instrument, synth or effect that’s not from the OP1, as long as the end result is in the OP1. As I think @rocksoul has done with electric guitar :guitar:

Hi thanks for your reply!

Fun video of the daisy bell computer vocal; didn’t know that one.

I didn’t use any layering for the bass; it’s the string synth engine with a short decay, sustain at 0 and an LFO changing the decay slightly, combined with punch effect.

And yes; I couldn’t resist picking up my guitar and refreshing my jazz lessons a little ^^