Operators' Meetings

Hey Operators !

Since we’ve talked about OP-1 Update 2016 celebration / apetizer, many of us are talking about meeting up EVERYWHERE IN the world ! And that’s simply awesome.

So as @Spheric_El said, this should be a nice idea to make a thread for this ! So here we go :slight_smile:

I think we can regroup people by cities, what do you think ?


edit : Here is the @daedalus1115 map >> World Of Operators <<

The map is public and editable, but you have to sign in to your Google account and click the “open” but at the top to edit it. Just add a new place named after your username at your city, or an intersection in your neighborhood if it’s a large city.

edit: I know there’s another thread about operators locations but I don’t find it.
So I’m making this peeps who wanna make music or drink or everything they want together list. Moderators feel free to edit if you want :slight_smile:




Katoomba (near Sydney ) and often in Melbourne for work














Sestri Levante,











Austin, TX


Colombus, Ohio



Des Moines, Iowa

California, Los Angeles area



South America



edit2: I’ve found the where are you from list made by @opie_miller there https://www.operator-1.com/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/15310/#Comment_15310

Some people in Melbourne, Australia would be nice :smiley:

It would maybe make sense that one of the moderators throws the stuff from the 2016-Update-Fred in here, if possible.

I’m in, and I’m from London!

@josh also in London. Let’s make this happen!

Anybody else from Austin, TX, USA?

I gather there’s a few up in Scotland?

I’m in Glasgow, with some of my time over in Northern Ireland, but I will be returning to live in Northern Ireland on 12th June.

I gather there's a few up in Scotland?


Do we know exactly when the new OS is launching?
Wonder if a retailer like Red Dog would be up for putting on an after hours event in store for operators?

Anybody else from Austin, TX, USA?

Houston over here

Paris here

I live in Columbus, Ohio. @3sleeves lives in Illinois.
I'm from Berlin @mitcho and just came back from Japan @HisMostDarxxxellent I was in Kansai ; )

Yes, @mixrasta I saw your post on here a while back but I couldn’t get
down that way to link up. How did you like it? Oh shit, were you
affected by the quake? I really hope you ate ramen and went to a yaki
niku (selfserve BBQ place).

Sorry for late reply… It was really cool, I met many nice people and
Osaka is very relaxed. I had Soba in Kyoto and this weird slimey green
lentil-like paste, ha : ) I forgot the name.
Ja, and luckily no earthquake where I stayed.
In Himeji I saw the DMC champions Kireek by accident which turned out into a 90’s Hip Hop Party.
A lot of fun I have to improve my Japanese and then come back! @HisMostDarxxxellent

Paris here!

Unlurking to say: Another London one here

@quarantequatre you still have to tell me the hour you're arriving this weekend for our pre-update meeting :D

Done mate :wink:

Marseille here… But I would be OK to join a meeting in Lyon or Paris if I can !

Berlin. @mixrasta any idea where to meet?