Operators' Meetings


Somewhere outside in a park, the weather is getting better and the OS is still taking time, or is it already there?


I created a Google Map for OP-1 users so we can see the city where everyone is if that’s helpful for meetups.

The map is public and editable, but you have to sign in to your Google account and click the “open” but at the top to edit it. Just add a new place named after your username at your city, or an intersection in your neighborhood if it’s a large city.


@daedalus1115 cool, didn’t know you could do that. My mind is boggled at technology these days.


@daedalus1115 thanks for the link! Hoping more folks pop up from Chicago!


Just joined the map, southern Illinois, about 6 hours drive south of the Chi.
Thanks for making this group map @daedalus1115 !


@daedalus thanks buddy! I’m adding the url in the first post. It gonna be far easier !



Some people in Melbourne, Australia would be nice :D

I’m in Melbourne


I am in katoomba (near sydney ) but am often in Melbourne for work (midweek only though)


Manchester Uk Here :slight_smile:


@quarantequatre and I already began to celebrate the upcoming update.

OP-1 vs. OP-1 jam works pretty well, I have to say.
And PO vs. PO was Zelda-size epic !
Let’s do it again, friend


Yes, that was pretty nice for a first time I thought :slight_smile:
You made me discover the po and I love it, I’m gonna take one ftw :wink: (still hesitating :P)

The Zelda epic we made was with arcade and robot or factory ? I don’t remember

And thank you for the elektron lessons ^^

I had great fun time with you buddy, sure let’s do it again no problem !


You played only with Rhythm (PO12) and Arcade (PO20)
I think we haven’t jammed with the Factory, I just showed it to you.
I had much fun with the Robot, it was better than what I could remind of it.


Just added to London on MAP too. Up for beers, jams and marmalades


Düsseldorf Germany any1?

Düsseldorf Germany any1?

Come to Berlin :slight_smile:

Düsseldorf Germany any1?

yes. :wink:


Gibts irgendwelche Pläne für ein Deutschland treffen?


I nominate Des Moines, Iowa as the meeting place for the US…because its in the middle :wink:


I just added the first spot in South America to the map! :smiley: