Operators' Meetings


So, just in case the new OS release never drops, do we have any back up plans? An annual OP-1 meeting would be awesome. Maybe during NAMM, Superbooth, and/or Musik Messe?


Another one in Glasgow here.


Annual OP-1 fest would be great. We could have an OP-1 orchestra. =)




me too! California, Los Angeles area


I think it might be time to revive this thread?

Anybody else from Austin, TX, USA?

Houston over here

I’m in austin!!


Cough, cough


Yes, just got my OP1, I’m in London and up for any meets


Hi everyone, New OP-1 in my hands. I’m in Paris, France. Cheers


Please add me to London.


Sestri Levante,


Any central Floridians?


can’t edit the google map as there’s too much layer

I’m in toulouse / france


Just updated the first post.

Many operators added ! Especially in London !


Hey, you can add me in Montreuil (or Paris), France


C’est fait @modraw :slight_smile: