Oplab module doesn’t retain locked position

My oplab module for the OP-Z
arrived today. Followed all instructions to install it. I find that the “lock” on it doesn’t work. Either that or the OP-Z itself is defective and is preventing the lock from locking. If I install the Oplab and push on it with my thumb (after locking it but before closing the unit) then it works. Whatever the fault is, the Oplab won’t stay locked after I put the back panel back on. Anyone else finding this to be an issue?

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Yes, I had the same issue, I have arranged with the retailer to return it. There is a thread on muffwiggler where some people have also had this problem, at the end of this thread:


It seems that it can be fixed but I was not prepared to modify mine and void the warranty, I have ordered another from a different retailer as the retailer where I got the first one had no more in stock or I’d have preferred an exchange. Hopefully the replacement will fit correctly.

Thanks for your reply. Was on the phone with my retailer. He was very helpful and actually happy to receive a quote I sent him from the Muffwiggler page attesting to the common nature of “Oplab doesn’t fit.” The quote was from the page for which you provided the link (thanks).

I’m going to return the unit to the retailer and one of their guys is going to try it in his OP-Z. I don’t think it’s yet common knowledge that there’s an issue with the module or the OP-Z (because I’ve also seen people mention that their OP-Z was warped on arrival and my retailer suggested, and I think he’s right, that if the module works in his OP-Z that it’s my OP-Z that’s the problem.

Like you, I’m not prepared to modify the module on my own or shave a bit off, etc. I can’t help, though, but feel that there’s something fundamentally wrong in the way Teenage Engineering handles these sorts of problems. Not all that different from Apple who are and were sometimes transparent and sometimes opaque.

One thing I have learned is not to Google “Oplab Op-Z review” because somehow the reviewers are all getting perfectly working modules! And I’m getting tired of the line that goes like “Hey guys, what’s up? This is so and so here to tell you about …”

I’d love to see a vid where someone says “Hey guys! What’s up? I’m here to tell you that such and such product doesn’t reliably work for everyone!”

Anyway, thanks for the link and the OP-Z itself is still a great little unit for music making …

Ok so I returned the first one that did not stay secured and the replacement from the other retailer arrived, it fits perfectly and stays in place as expected.

So if you get an Oplab module that does not fit then exchange it as it definitely seems that some are faulty.

I think the problem with the first one was related to the catch not being strong enough and the Oplab casing being slightly out of tolerance, this would cause the module to pop out by about 0.5mm after securing the catch/locking tab, the module would not show up in the app and one of the LEDs showed red, applying pressure to hold the module in place would cause it to work but only while the pressure was applied, then it would disconnect and pop out.

The new one fits much better and even when the catch is open it still stays in place.

Hope this helps anyone having the issue, certainly would not recommend filing or modifying the Oplab module as it would probably void the warranty.


Add me to the list of users affected.

Maybe the issue is inherent to the module and case design, due to normal manufacturing variations. Maybe the problem can’t be fixed without a full redesign that breaks compatibility with the original version and a certain percentage of units will always be affected. The module concept was still in development when the OP-Z was launched, so they may not have realized it until it was too late. That would explain why they halted the Oplab production. This view is a worst case scenario, maybe TE will find a way to improve tolerances, reduce case warping, etc, and fix the issue.

I have an issue where it randomly stops working. I have to unlock and lock it again to make it work again but then it randomly stops working again. The interesting part is the tab is always locked so not sure if my issue is related to just software stability issues.

I’m guessing even in the locked position your module is not making consistent connection with the contacts. Quick way to check would be apply pressure to the back plate where the module sits when it starts acting up and see if it improves.

Yea could be. I did a test pushing down on the module while it plays and nothing. Then I leave it alone for a while and boom, it stops working. It really sucks cause as dope as the concept of the OP-Z is I still can’t trust this thing for a live set.

For everyone having the issue where their unit is clearly popping out of their socket, like me, I think I’ve identified the issue. The unit appears to bulge from the outer shell of it’s housing look here: 20190908_015740

As compared to the other side of my unit which is completely flush: 20190908_015756

I wish I could explore what failed further in the manufacturing process but I need to return this unit intact for a well fitted one that sits flush.

If you want to compare how it sits in your unit, I recommend using the stock phone stand as a reference unit for how flush a module should sit when seated.

ffs. It could never be said of TE that you get what you pay for. More like “shoot for the moon, who gives a toss if ya run out of fuel on the way up”.

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I am having this exact same problem. I’ve only had my oplab for a few weeks and noticed this last night when I hooked into my midi controller, and was getting nothing. Sure enough, the LEDs on the module ports were not lighting up, and when I opened up the back, I found that the securing mechanism was not holding it snugly in place. The spring loaded contacts cause the module to pop out ever so slightly, and then it loses its connection.

I feel like I could ductape it down, or use a card to keep it pressed in via the backplate, but considering the $$ I dropped on this thing, this is just not acceptable… I think I’ll bring it in to my retailer and have them replace. The problem with that being, they probably won’t get a replacement for months :’(

Another thing I’ve noticed with my oplab is that when it freezes I can also just turn off the opz and then turn it on again and the oplab starts working but eventually it freezes again. If it’s an issue with the contacts then turning it back on shouldn’t enable the oplab again. I wish there’s a way I could find a simple way of fixing this or knowing what’s wrong with mine. It also seems that this new firmware update has made the oplab less stable.

Maybe the module connection is intermittent, i.e., when using the device vibrations cause a momentary failure.

I am having the same issue. I got mine a little over a month ago so unfortunately I can’t return it via my retailers, so I will have to reach out to TE. I am not expecting much. From what I’ve heard, the support from TE is not great.

Also, this is probably just a coincidence, but I am now getting the awful double trigs that I’ve seen people talk about. They started when I got my OPLAB module. Probably just a coincidence, but I’ve never had an issue with even a single double trig in the past. Now, my OP-Z does it so often that it’s actually difficult to even get anything recorded. I’ve completely removed the OPLAB module for now, but I still get the double trigs often.

I have had 2 oplabs 1 was better than the other but both returned due to not staying in place .poor retailer however , when I organise the second return the tech guy at the shop said they had a number returned
I did rant at TE and had this response below - not that I got it from them. So i am going to ask for a label and send them a bag of my cats shit!
teenage engineering (teenage engineering | B2C)

Sep 3, 15:39 CEST


Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the delay.

We will help you to get this up and running. Sorry for all troubles.

Please send me your address and I will provide you with a return label. At the moment we are out of stock, but we will have a new batch within maybe a month.
We will stay in touch, and update you when we have a delivery date.

We remain at your entire disposal and wish you an excellent day.

teenage engineering support

So I contacted Meme Antenna for a exchange, who then contacted TE (uh oh) and said they should be contacting me for a return. No word from TE… fingers crossed hard they can get this sorted out for me within a month with no additional cost as device is faulty right out of the box.

Update: TE responded and hasn’t replied back to me since I asked if I would be liable for additional costs since this unit is new out of the box. :roll_eyes:

Supposedly they are working on a software fix, they think they can fix it with a update so we will see…

No I mean my module straight up doesn’t fit in the slot.

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