Oplab OS 859 beta (update: OS 861 released)

Hi guys!

Here’s a beta of OS 859 for oplab. This release fixes a lot of the problems present in the previous release.

EDIT: BETA IS OVER, OS 861 RELEASED (2015-03-03)


To make it as trouble-free as possible, some testing would be much appreciated. Feel free to try it out with as much different gear as possible and report any bugs or suggestions in this thread. Please do not post this file outside of the forum.

Have a look at the release notes included to get an idea of what’s new. Refer to the manual (https://teenageengineering.com/guides/oplab) for upgrade instructions. A more complete manual covering the expansion port will be posted with the official release.

Note that this is a beta release and though it’s fine as far as we know, no functionality is guaranteed and using it is at your own risk.

Have a nice weekend!



holy fucking shit

Nice - this could prove interesting…


Just tested and it appears the dreaded midi out bug is fixed. This is a really big deal. OPlab lives!!!

And I’d like to point out he posted this at 1am CET and not on a weekend.

Nice - this could prove interesting......

Does this affect your expansion board in any way?

No it shouldn’t do, but it is interesting because the other expansion boards that I was going to do might now be worthwhile :slight_smile:


I can not believe my eyes!

Oplab is finally getting a little love!!!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day of testing this out...


This makes me happy for you guys! And maybe Ima get one too maybe soon…

OK, update went well!

So far testing focused on communications between OP-1 and CV from modular.

Things seem to work, although I did notice that:

In MODE 2 (USB FRENZY) Input from OP-1 connected to Host A does not show up on CV/GATE outputs.

that’s cool beta testing. especially all new functions.

I like TE.

Happy to report that SyncLab works great with the new update, also really like the dimmer LEDs on Oplab,they are now about the same brightness as SyncLab :slight_smile:

the dimmer lights, I laughed when I read that in the changelog. Because those things are horrifically bright.

The “midi out” issue seems to be solved. Thanks TE.

After a few tests in mode 0 and mode 1:

The MIDI OUT works fine with a signal coming from USB and with a signal coming from MIDI IN ( Tested from a Pro2 )

But, for some reason, with a midi signal coming from an Octatrack via Midi IN, the vast majority of the notes are lost and are not sent to the other devices.

I don’t know which device is faulty, the OT or the Oplab ? When I send notes from the OT directly to a Nord Drum without OPLab, everything’s fine, so I suspect the Oplab…

Can somebody reproduce this ?

Edit : Turning off the clock send on the Octatrack solves the problem. So the OPlab, can’t receive a clock and notes from the Octatrack at the same time… weird.

So far, it crashed my Op-1 only once… :slight_smile:

Okay, just a cosmetic thing: While in Mode 2, the LED for CV1 OUT burns brighter than other LED’s. Also, the same LED in addition to USB HOST A (when connected) remain constantly illuminated; not sure if that is normal, but I don’t recall noticing it before - could be wrong.


Do you guys think T.E will read this thread or should I report the OPlab 859 Beta bugs directly by email ?