Opz chassis curved laying in retail box

Post of hate and disappointing.
I bought my opz off ebay last year (March) from authorized (definately not, but on time of purchase was marked as authorised) seller. I play some with it and put it into my desk (in retail box of course).
Now I’ve done my long long work process and want to create some tracks.
I put synth to desk and wow! Chassis looks bend or curved.
Synth was stored in normal conditions (no pressure, normal temperature and humidity). Never used since I try it after purchase.
I ask for support and they told me my seller not authorized - they haven’t responsible to ANY troubles. Great!
They produce faulty units (Not electric - actually polymer not good) and take no responsibility?
Great again.
I ask for sending me new chassis. I even ready to pay shipping fees. But not. CS refused my requests.

I must say avoid from TE products. Poor quality - poor support.
Now i don’t know what to do with this ugly plastic. I’m not sure this geometry changes stop now. Maybe next year I’ve got a ring.

That is because the fiberglass in it is pulling it slowly untell it sets. That is a big problem with using this type of plastics with strands in it. It does help it be very strong though. Most do not bend but some will and I wish they would just let you guys return the faulty ones. You could pay to have it repaired but I agree you should not have to. I’m sorry this happened this sucks for you. I would be pretty disappointed… remember though, most do not do this and it is a tiny company so you will never get a perfect product in large quantities… the small companies just don’t get the respect from the manufacturing companies that big companies get so they cut corners. I’m not making excuses for them only saying the truth that they can’t be perfect they are way too small a company. Always buy from a well known business when buying TE.

It really doesn’t look that bad to me though, if it was new I would return it, but if mine looked like that I don’t think I would really care… as long as it works right who cares if it goes in allittle in the middle? It just looks like the feet are pushing the edges higher than the middle from playing it, nothing is perfect and if that’s your only problem with it then maybe is just a small quirk? It is very close to straight…


I’m not sure problem cannot get a progress. I cannot return to seller. It’s gone from ebay. TE support not responsible.
I even can’t imagine this kind of trobles with customer support. Few years ago they helped me with non-flashable op-1. Without any troubles and even for free.

That’s definitely a bad choice of material from TE. QC is bad too. I’m wondering if there is a way to bend it back to a flat shape ?

I disassemble mine. Apply heat from fan blower and put it under pressure. No luck:-(

which parts did you put out and for how long did you try to fan the unit?

I’ve read that this material will burn at 315*C

how did you try to straighten the OP-Z?

I remove all except keys and keys membrane. This parts non-removable. I used my wife’s blower and heat up to 175°C during 5 minutes. After heat up i put a 10kg of books over synth.
I have a heat soldering station but I think heat up to 315° may destroy membrane

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I guess the best fix is to put additional rubber feet to the backplate. like 8 or more to secure the whole bending while using and it should come back straight in a few weeks, just use it.

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You can make them out of Sugru

Holy CWO!!!

So much respect for you.

You’re the macgyver of broken portable synths

i simply do not believe that TE did not know about about the warping/double trigs/popping encoders/ easily perishable rubber feet issues before launch. They knew these problems existed and still went ahead. They certainly know about the problems now and have so far not resolved, or even publicly acknowledged these things. Does that sound like a company striving to make the best product possible? A company that instead of shipping the Z in a hard wearing custom fit little case, releases it in a shabby-cheap cardboard box? Some folk on here have written that theyd pay extra to have it in a premium shell...when, for half a grand it should already be in a bloody premium shell, and not some fancy plastic that warps. Thats pretension over practicability. And that`s TE. Beautiful ideas/concepts, sub-par products sold for premium prices.

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people going mad these days

Mad? Yes. I pay $600 for the thing. Thing warped laying in the box. I ask for replacement but TE wish me a good luck.

“Judging from your pictures this issue should not interfere with functionality, or playability…”

Yes, i’m mad these days.

time to make a banger on the OP-Z. :v:t3:

someone mentioned that the case uses fibreglass.
i work with fibreglass making surfboards. some of the things learned from surfboard might be relevant to the warping of the opz.

first is, resin needs to cure for at least a two weeks before you can ride a board – so maybe the cases are not properly cured before handling or packing.

second – when exposed to heat (particularly strong sunlight) surfboard get a “twist”. this is the worst thing that can happen to a board. it cannot be fixed and cannot be ridden. you have to throw it out.
so i would strongly advise against using any heat to try and reshape your OPZ. it will more than likely only make it worse. also, keep it out of the sun and UV radiation.

now, there is not one universal resin used in all fibreglass manufacturing. the resin used by TE may have different properties than the polyester resin used on surfboards, so maybe none of this applies ot the OPZ case.

No it won’t.

I try to fry case with soldering blower with 350° then put it under pressure. Not working.

I heard from a wizard that when you make some music with the OP-Z you’ll forget about the bending.

it works 100%