Ordering direct from TE

I decided to order my op-z direct from their website. This is due to my paranoia over getting a used unit and not knowing until it’s too late (the only thing I’ll buy off Reverb is guitars and old organs since I already know I want an old one). They don’t mention the whole customs thing until after you check out. So my question is this: Does anyone have experience ordering from TE? Also, since they did not charge sales tax or customs fees, is my package going to be held somewhere until I pay those? If I would’ve for a second thought getting my package was going to be a major hassle, I would not have ordered from them. I just thought it would be the safest way to get a brand new op-z.

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The safest way is ordering from somewhere that covers it for more than one year, if that exists in your country.


Already ordered it. Just wondering if someone has ordered direct from TE and what their experience was.

I started to get scared about customs fees so ended up canceling the order. I know a reliable place on Amazon where I bought my op-1 from. Don’t know why I didn’t think about that. Ugh.

It’s funny, when I ordered it they charged my bank account immediately and sent an order confirmation but when I canceled the order I still haven’t heard from them and the charge is still there…I should have thought this through more. Wish someone who has ordered from them would chime in. I have this funny feeling it’s not gonna get canceled so I’m just bracing myself.

I ordered my OP-Z and other accessories directly from TE and received them with no issue or additional fees. I’m located in the United States. Don’t stress out, they’re not gonna just steal your money haha


Thanks. I needed that.

Unless Von Hopstein needs another vintage Ferrari

When I orderd my OP-1 from TE, I was not aware of the extended warranty I could have gotten ordering from somewhere else. Oops. TE sent the OP-1 quickly. As far as I know, it was a brand new unit. Luckily, I haven’t had any issues with it. The only tiny issue I had with TE was that they sent the OP1 in a shipping box that was just large enough to fit the width of the black, foam case the OP-1 came in. A proper packing job, IMHO, would have included extra space on the sides. Whatever.

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I canceled then said don’t cancel. At this point they’re either totally confused or they hate me. Actually I think they’re asleep right now. When they come in to work in the morning maybe they’ll have a good laugh, on me.

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Got mine delivered to California, no problems here. Paid everything up front came in a week ago

How long did it take for them to get back to you with a tracking number? Ordered mine yesterday, got a receipt, but haven’t heard anything about the shipping yet, and it’s about to be the weekend. I heard back about not cancelling the order but it was very vague without a lot of information. Guess I just need to settle down and be patient. Everything in life is a tradeoff: if I would’ve ordered it from Amazon, I might have it by Monday but would have had to pay more. I got it cheaper through TE but have no idea when it’s gonna ship…

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Ordered it April 18th and got a tracking number for it on the 21st (and the 18th was on a Saturday). Just be patient my man, it takes a few days for them to confirm and ship it out; especially if you don’t live in Europe (dont know if you do though lol).

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I live in the worst place in the US. Georgia. I want to move to Sweden…

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Here’s my recent experience…
I ordered the Headset for the OP-Z, no problem at all. This was about 2 weeks or less.
And I believe that was not charged a Tax.
I totally understand you’re concern but…
I think you’re OK

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Bought mine off Amazon with an extended 4 year warranty for drops and stuff.

Are you liking the headset? I was looking at it and wondering if it made the whole experience better. It definitely looks cool…

Hi Joey,
I ordered direct from TE Sweden a few times already. Several PO’s and last week a PO Modular 170 and 400. Fast delivery - no problems whatsoever. Netherlands and Sweden are not far away, so maybe that’s a benefit.

FWIW I ordered an OP-Lab Module and the M-1 headphones back in April. They shipped quickly and arrived in excellent condition. TE didn’t charge me any tax.

I did have to pay import tax, but I’m in Canada and I believe anything over $80 is subject to duty fees. And a lot of people get antsy about import tax, myself included, but in most cases it’s roughly the same amount you would have paid in sales tax had you bought it locally.

I checked a duty calculator online (freightos.com) and to import a $1300 electronic instrument to the US from Sweden should run you $70 or so in import tax — roughly 5% of the total cost. Where I am in Canada, sales tax would be almost three times that. I’m not sure how helpful this is because I’m not familiar with Georgia‘s sales tax (4-9% depending on region?). But if your area charges less than 5% you’re probably better off ordering from a shop, and if it charges more then you’re better off keeping your order with TE.

TL;DR you’ll probably have to pay an additional fee but it shouldn’t be much more than you would have paid in sales tax at your local store.

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received tracking number today. ups says my delivery will be Friday by 9pm. no mention of any fees. yay