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100% U-He Hive. It may not be processor-hungry compared to the likes of Diva, but I think it sounds great evenso, is easy to use, and comes with some excellent presets, too.


Heres a live-recording me and a friend playing volca keys plus mother32 and electribe drums


@Hakon nice song…like it a lot. Reminds me of Gonzalez :slight_smile: like the other one as well. Great work

@Hakon nice song..like it a lot. Reminds me of Gonzalez :) like the other one as well. Great work

Thanks. Which one is it you like better? And who is Gonzalez?

I liked your live set too, by the way. Interesting video. I particularly liked the beginning bit. In comparison, the dancing seemed a bit out of context for some reason.


And now for something completely different. One of my tunes I sometimes use to wind down if the day has been stressful. My own Pianoteq 5 patch with resonance settings maxed out. Perhaps a suitable piece of music just before Christmas when it can get a bit too busy?



@hakon : enjoy!

@hakon : enjoy! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Au7F70yzefk
Gonzalez sounds quite different from my stuff, apart from a row of dotted 8th's I think I noticed in there. I like using those for that swingy almost- triplet feel every now and again. I guess if I arranged my melodies even more for solo piano (I'm not enough of a piano player to venture too far into that), it might sound even more similar, though.

When I compose it is mostly meant to be a multi-purpose composition I will use for something else later, write lyrics for, arrange for other instruments, synths, what have you, so mine tend to be a clear main melody line, chords usually emphasising the beat, a flat bassline, a few variations, and the occasional embellishments and upper harmonies just to make it more pleasant to listen to as a single-instrument piece when I listen to it myself (which I do a lot), as well as providing some ideas for future iterations.

Often when I do that, it sounds great exactly the way I wrote it, even when it is perfectly quantised and without dynamics. When you don't really need to add anything, that tells me it must be a good melody.


Three small pieces from a stop motion videos I did for a Amazon reviews. Made in U-He Hive, Zebra 2 and Diva respectively.





Here’s one of my bands from a few years ago. I still work with the singer in a new electronic-afrobeat-dance-pop-genrebusterdeluxe thing.







Here sth smooth,
Starring: Dominion 1, LXR, M3



Looking forward to listening to these ones. Right now, I’m laying in bed with sever jet leg. It’s 3:44am in Japan but in England it’s 6pm. Anyways, I finished a track today. Whilst in my trip back home I decided to challenge myself to make tunes using just a few of my favourite soft synths and plugin processors. All sounds including percussion and drum hits were made with the SH2, SH101, or Arp2600. I did use Logics FM1 synth a little for two sounds. That’s it! Here are the results…
Free download in my Soundcloud for a bit

I had a lot of fun working with restrictions and revisiting in the box song creation. It was very interesting to go back to ITB. I feel I have learnt a great deal and I am no longer bewildered by the endless possibilities that a DAW offers :slight_smile:
This track took me about 9 days. An hour each morning and then a few hours each way in the plane.


Just a little New Years Day(evening) chill out tune



Here’s the first track I put together in the new year. OP-1, Moog Sub 37, DSI Mopho X4, Nord Drum 2 and lots of fx pedals. Played live, recorded in one go. On the OP-1, I used Arpeggio with the ‘now not so hidden’ Iter synth Filter fx thru 2 fx boxes; a Montreal Assembly Count to 5 and an EHX Memory Man with Hazarai. A long and kinda…frosty track. :slight_smile:

Happy new year everyone!



Hey friends,

The main portion of this track started as a radio sample on the op-1. I also used an sp303 and compiled everything in maschine. I also used the op as means to record and process a hohner pianet as well as some found sounds.


first thing i've doodled on my hardware setup in a while...
100% synthesized real-time, one take. (improvised structure)


Tonight live jam...


I should concentrate on getting my mix sound right...
Soon :D

Tonight live jam...


I should concentrate on getting my mix sound right...
Soon :D

I bet you enjoyed yourself!?
Thank you for sharing, the mixing side will just come naturally I reckon.

Jamming is so much fun. I pull faces like a guitar soloist and dance around like a charmed snake when I play. :smiley:


I wish I had recorded the afternoon session with my 8yo son. I was dancing to the groove, putting the volume higher, and he was playing a shruthi with heavy reverb and delay with a large smile on the face :smiley:

I can’t manage to retrieve the punch of the session, though. I should take the time to mix my tracks… but jamming is why I play music !! So much pleasure !!