OTO Biscuit

Anyone on here got one? I’m sure I’ve seen it mentioned on ohpeewon before.

They are prices boxes, are they worth it?
Any other suggestions of effects boxes worth getting to partner little noisemakers?

I’ve got a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad that I grabbed 2nd hand that is great and was just GASsing for a little something else maybe.

Or should I just jump at a Biscuit? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kaoss=nice subtle variances
Biscuit=what just happened to my music

Biscuit can be dialed down and used for just the filter too.
I like mine but haven’t been using it enough lately.

The bit crushing is nice. The synth is pretty good and I like the delay and wave shapers too.

If it comes down to two of the same or so something different, get something differe t.

Only thing I like more than my biscuit is my op-1.


Considering getting one. Thought I’d try if anybody had thoughts on the little fella.

I’ve listened to practically every demo on Youtube. Thing is, it’s hard to find out how flexible the unit is.

Can it do subtle? Is it a one trick pony or versatile?

Any other thoughts?

Thanks :slight_smile:

biscuit sounds amazing. if your looking for grit, then this is where its at.

the filter is really awesome too. i only really messed w/ the delay out of the other multifx on there. i liked the delay character alot.

bit crushing/sample rate reduction is top notch.

overall, its not as versatile as maybe a KP (which has 100's of fx), but this gives u a few super nice FX (better quality than the KP)that u can use all at once (bit crush + filter + multifx).

the dry & wet volumes are key. u can go full hog, or half hog, or just a lil taste.

Thanks for the insight! Yeah… I’m not sure I’m looking for grit :slight_smile: For example, I really like the Octatrack BRR and SRR effects, precisely for the reason that they don’t make everything sound like harsh noise.

Many people say that it can be very subtle too. It’s just funny how difficult it’s to find a decent demo showcasing those sides of the Biscuit. :slight_smile: Guess I should just trust people who own one, I must seem a bit hard-headed here :slight_smile:

listen to virtual flannel

listen to virtual flannel

Hehe. Biscuit has been my secret weapon since its inception. It can def do subtle or crazy. Its a beautiful machine, if you are heavy into bit crushing/lo-fi stuff its invaluable. 99.9% of my music uses it on the whole track, and you can peep me tweaking it live on my Boiler Room session if you want. Can’t recommend it enough, as much as I want to keep it my little secret. They don’t make them anymore, and there are only about 1500 of them in existence so that is a factor to consider as well. Oh ya, and its an 8bit synth.

I <3 my Biscuit, recently I use it often with my guitar, love that dirty and warm 8bit delay…

I love mine too - it brings my Miami to life, and can be subtle or mental. The waveshaper mode is especially good.

But, despite this, it’s on my list of gear to sell, in order to fund more eurocrack. I’ll start another thread…

How does the Biscuit compare to the Octatrack effects? Just received the Octatrack and looking for a Biscuit. Given the price I’d like to know if they overlap.

How does the Biscuit compare to the Octatrack effects? Just received the Octatrack and looking for a Biscuit. Given the price I'd like to know if they overlap.

Totally different. The main thing is the OTO actually runs of an 8-bit chip. So all the effects are really lo-fi, but have this super cool and unique quality to them. The OTO is very unique sounding, there is nothing else like it.

The OT can try to mimic biscuity things, but it just isn’t the same. Bit-crushing does not = Biscuit sound. 8-bit converters, 8-bit chip, analog filter, digital waveshaper, etc. And then there’s the really unique shit like muting and inverting individual bits :slight_smile:

I’ve often been tempted to have two, one for fx, one for Der Oto mode. But I have enough shiz already. Still, the thought of the OT’s MIDI sequencer CCing the Biscuit is a nice one.

Rather sad they’re out of production, really.

Really nice of you guys to let me know your take on the unit :slight_smile:

I think my biggest hangup has been that I am not really into loads of grit nowadays, but it seems like the Biscuit isn’t just for making all your synths sound like power tools.

If all goes well, one could be heading my way soonish. If this goes down, I swear I’ll make a nice demo, to help people after me looking for insight :smiley:

Well, after this amazing description, where can I get a OTO Biscuit? :slight_smile: The OTO page doesn´t seem to work!

I have tried to buy one on the old forum - we had a deal already and then the forum went down. never gotten his private contact…
so if anyone wants to sell one (preferably within Canada) - please shout out

They’re no longer made @aeoner you need to find them used or get lucky with a reseller that has any left (and expect a $600 USD pricetag for new). You could try contacting Denis on Facebook and see if he has any left, I think the store had them still before it went down while they focused on the new FX boxes.

@KrisM the problem is that I can´t enter the OTO store (!?). I just get a page with the OTO name flashing. :confused: But I´ll try contacting Denis.

I know, that’s why I said to contact Denis on Facebook :slight_smile: I only mentioned the store because I seemed to recall them still being “in stock” before the site went to the current flashing one with a link to their Facebook only.

beating a dead horse for those that have already seen this, but here is me using Biscuit live.

Biscuit on every track.
The Biscuit can cover a lot more ground than I use it for too. I’m sure everyone finds their own unique biscuit style.