Pendeo OP-1 Case + Monolith

Hello all,

@nirun had posted a thread about the case and adapter me and my partner a while back on the ohpeewon forum just before it went down.
It was really great to have your input / comments about our product. We’re VERY close to shipping at this point. We’re looking at the middle
of September at the latest. A couple of updates:

1. We’re offering free shipping on a limited number of our pre-orders
2. We’ve posted a promo video that may help clarify some of the questions people seemed to have when we posted pictures the first time.
3. We have also added technical drawings

You can find the video and all that info on our website

I’ve seen a few people posting concerns about the monolith putting strain on the OP-1s connections . We’ve been using our prototypes now for a number of months without any problems. One of the reasons we added the monolith adapter to protect the 3.5mm jacks from wear and tear. If you use the adapter with the case or by itself on a flat surface it provides a very stable connection and minimizes the amount of strain on the jacks.

Let us know what you think of the video and please share if you like it!



It looks amazing, but it’s too expensive for me.

I’m really pleased you’re also selling the monolith adapters seperately.

@Artsutanov we’ve had quite a lot of interest in the adapter without the case. Hoping they sell 'cause the moulds weren’t cheap!

I’m tempted by that lovely wooden case, but I’ll probably just go for the monolith, because I do like actually playing the iPad surface and am not sure the iPad slot is sturdy enough to withstand constant finger pressure.

Beautiful case. Monolith is a great idea too.

I take it the free shipping is just within the US?
What happens if one of us from the UK buys one? :wink:

…or from Hungary :smiley:

@daninski @spacetravelmadeeasy currently free shipping is worldwide! A little incentive for pre-ordering.

@GovernorSilver the ipad slot is actually very sturdy. I put a lot of pressure on mine with my giant hands and it stays put.

That’s pretty decent! Although I think we’d be hit by having to pay a little for import tax to get the package from customs.

If you are sending to anyone in the UK (and I guess other EU countries will have similar) you’ll have to fill out a customs declaration form to reduce the risk of them being hit with extra charges

thanks @spacetravelmadeeasy I’m going to look into this. I have been on the receiving end of those duties here in Canada and in can be an unpleasant surprise. I’m afraid there’s not much I can do about your local taxes though!

The promo video is great.

I wonder if my iPad (w/ case on) will fit in the slot?

@Kites hmmm. I’m not sure. How thick is your ipad with the case on? What I do know is that it will fit any generation of ipad or ipad mini.

The promo video is great.

Is it possible that the Monolith could have Midi Din io in a future version?

The iPad air with Apple Smart case is about 1/2"

The slot is 9mm which is around 0.355" so it won’t fit in the case :frowning:

Am I still in the queue? I think it is great piece!

@Kreeg for stress relief have you thought about a rubber gasket around the connectors on the monolith to give some travel?

:frowning: maybe version 2? :slight_smile:

@Kites perhaps there is a way to make it work in a future version. The challenge is that if you make the slot too big then iPads without cases become unstable. Maybe an oversized slot with variable sized plastic inserts??? Something to think about for a future version for sure. Let’s see how many of these we sell first!

@dimi3 I’m not sure I 100% can picture where you would put that rubber gasket. We still haven’t experienced any issues with stress on the connectors and we’ve really been putting them through the ropes. And yes you’re still in the queue!

What are the dimensions of the case when closed? i couldn’t find any information on the website.


You Pendeo guys should buy one of these Kenton Midi USB Hosts, rip it apart to find out all the components and build in Midi functionality into the Monolith2 :wink: