People still have issues with "toggle usb charging"?

Is my unit defective? As when I toggle the usb charging options the OP-1 Field still charges as normal. If this is a device I am supposed to have for a decade then that function should work in order to save the battery life…

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On the three units I had (including the one I’m using atm), it worked erratically. Depending on the scenario, toggling the option off works 1 out of 3 times. Go figure.


damn. I am wondering if its even worth sending it back… I mean I want the function in order to save the battery, as you should just never charge it over 80% unless you want it to degrade over the years… The same function is working 100% on my TX-6 (it has a way worse defect…)

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I’d say it’s probably a software bug more than some hardware defect.

What about that TX6 defect tho?

Yeah. Was thinking the same. But if this was an issue since day one they should have fixed the software bug by now?..

The white knob on the 6th input is just going crazy, and sometimes the fader on the 3rd input starts controlling the 6th white knob. So essentially my TX-6 is a TX-5 lol. Gonna have to return it.

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I’m guessing they need to hear back from many customers before fixing anything. So reporting bugs is very important right now. TE support is a great dedicated team - from my own experience, that is.
I’d advise you to make a video for the TX6 issues as well. That way, it could help fast track your ticket.
Dunno if this helps

Made a video of both. Will send to support. They said they would test on an OP-1 Field at their location if the usb charging toggle doesn’t work or not

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Nice! On my way to do the same!

just happened to me, and TE made me send it back to the store for a new one.
Is it as bad as in my video
I only started to notice this after the last update so i thought it was that, but according to TE they said “looks like the encoders are a bit iffy”.

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My op-1 is flawless so far except the toggle charging over usb. But the TX-6 is broken, probably due to faulty wiring.

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