Petition for TE to add Iter/Filter to official firmware

I’m not usually one to petition or ask for new features, but I really think it’d be great to see Iter and Filter implemented into the official firmware.

Not asking for extra tracks, wild changes, or crazy amounts of depth, just unlock the elements that are in there! We know they function and sound great, it would be great to use them without hacking the firmware or doing the patch-save trick!

Add a +1 if you agree

Haven’t tried neither of them, but what I’ve heard and seen from YouTube videos ITER seems kind of redundant with DSynth, and there’s no fancy graphics. TE is very perfectionistic about the features and look of their products, so I think they have their reasons why they haven’t implemented it (yet).

FILTER looks good, but maybe still needs some perfection.

Iter is Voltage, no? edit: see below

Filter is too trad for TE, but I’m happy to add my vote for it.


Iter is Voltage, no?
Filter is too trad for TE, but I'm happy to add my vote for it.

IIRC Voltage is the synth that was ‘Slump’ in the beta. Pretty sure ‘Iter’ is its own thing?

ah yes, @callofthevoid, thanks, so Iter+Filter it is :wink:

+1 here


Iter and Filter… Are y’all trying to shove my Python programming day job back in my face when I’m trying to enjoy a long cold break in the warm arms of my OP-1? :stuck_out_tongue:

@callofthevoid. For my ears, slump sounded different than voltage. Iter It’s an Fm synth but with fix algorithm and the parameters are different than in the official fm synth engine.

I can also see why they left “filter” out, It must have been a previous version of the Nitro effect… Nitro does hp / lp at the same time while filter is either / or and neither the resonance nor the drive of it are any good…
the code of the po-32 could be ported to op-1 and that would be the best thing ever happening to the op-1… Even if you dissect it in parts, the filters / oscillators and saturation of the microtonic code are 1st class… My kudos to magnus Lidström for his excellent taste and work.

@Servando In Cuckoo’s interview Magnus said he had to rewrite most of MicroTonic’s code to fit on the PO’s CPU. I don’t think you can easily port it to the OP-1.

Is there a good demo of Iter on YouTube? I searched for “OP-1 Iter” and the top two direct answers were recorded from the phone’s microphone and didn’t really sound clear. I’d love to see more FM / Phase Mod stuff if that’s what it is.

@servando Just going by what TE told me :wink: They said I could re-dial my beta Slump patches in to Voltage as same synth. Maybe it got slightly tweaked tho?

The Drive on Filter was the main reason I’d like to see it released. But if it sucks like you say then no great loss :wink:

the filter sounds great to me. It breaks up alot which is why I assume TE havent released it. Still it sounds good to me and is plenty usable. its wonkyness is kinda a plus.

+1 - I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both of these and would love to be able to freely select them without having to use workarounds.

I really like the drive control on the filter. It can make drums really nice and beefy, and do the same for bass patches. I’ve also managed to make the most convincing non-sample electric piano OP1 patch I’ve found with Iter, along with some awesome basses. It does some really interesting things with the attack of the note. They are very useful additions IMO!



still to be asking:

any good demos of Iter? What is Iter?

The YouTube results I could find were poor phone-microphone recordings and didn’t sound great as a result.

Before trading my OP-1 I tried this Iter filter out and it was super! Definitely a great addition and an extra flavour is added that wasn’t there before but is very useful. It should make the firmware!