Pissed on multiple levels... my latest email to JP

We have moved to a new site because your auctioning ohpeewon. we asked and you failed to engage. What we care about is the data. You truly want those years you supported a cause to die? That seems, kind of strange, are you to go out like a punk or show you're a hero. You have a group of people, now 250 strong, who counted on you, and right now you are failing them.

Too Hard? what do you guys think?

What does auctioning ohpeewon mean? Like, he’s literally auctioning the domain name somehow?

I already like the new forum better, but that precious data! Would be a damn shame to let all that go. Don’t know how someone in their good conscious could let all that info die.

yeah. he has made the choice to auction it. seems like a sad to think that’s how it went. I called godaddy to ask what was up and they explained he secured the domain name and put it up for auction.

I even asked if I paid a $1000 the base asking price would he give me the old data, and he never responded.

Wow that blows hard! Maybe he’s not in the right frame of mind…

Really weird! Why would he do that? I still want to think that this is some kind of misunderstanding. Or then he’s got some serious financial troubles.

Given that JP isn’t responding to anyone, he is either:

1)A coward
2)Busy as fuck, but come on, check your email man…
3)Dead =/ and the domain automatically went to auction when it expired, and GoDaddy does do this.

@KrisM godaddy expressed he made the auction… so 3 seem less likely unless the lie…

I am guessing think $$$ and not with his brain… but call me a skeptic…. but man $1000 with the data… what a value return…

really wish I knew wtf hackers were doing >.> lol… I’d be all “look what I found. Don’t ask.”

well let’s see how he reacts… right not i guess fail! but I want to be wrong.

The domain name in itself has no value. “ohpeewon”… It’s worthless. It’s the user base that has value. If we’re migrating here, then this forum is already more valuable.

Yeah, I am just new here but already I think the forum is great. Oh by the way, Hi cuckoo! I love your youtube channel and your videos helped inspireme to buy the OP-1. No regrets!

I was under the impression that someone here had JP’s phone number… if that is the case, it wouldn’t hurt trying to call him to try to clarify what is going on.

Some related info (I guess):


He also seems very active in monome community. I sent him a private message on monome forum. We’ll see if that works. Although it seems that he last visited that in Dec. 2013…

Dimi, thx for all the work!

Cuckoo, I too got an op1 partly because of your videos. Know nothing about music, guess it was not an entirely bad choice.


to harsh in my opinion. he ran it all the years for free - so he doesn’t owe anyone. dissappointing that he got offered help and support and then let it go down the drain, yes - but still… no obligations
what I’d be curious about is what happens with the user data when auctioned?.. are there 12k + email addresses now for sale?
PMs from people selling/trading gear with their private contact data?.. i sure hope not

to harsh in my opinion. he ran it all the years for free - so he doesn't owe anyone

@ tasmansea I agree.
Also like the OP1 sometimes you lose a session by mistake and start all over again.
Fresh start, fresh new forum!

^ haha good point. fresh start!