Please Update Oplab Petition

Here’s are the simple facts and a simple request for all of you Oplab owners:

The Oplab was last updated with Oplab OS #857 on October 2, 2012… The 2 year anniversary is less than 2 weeks away… There is a known issue that has been posted here on the forum and that Teenage Engineering is aware of (MIDI In isn’t forwarded to MIDI Out). I purchased my Oplab in June of this year and have emailed them about more information regarding the option to use an old hard drive and other creative approaches to the Oplab. I got one reply from TE telling me they’d forward my request to the Oplab specialist. Still no reply from Jon.

Simple Request:
If your purchased an Oplab, please add a comment below with your name (or initials… Whatever you want), city, state and country you’re from, date you purchased Oplab and any requests for updates you’d like TE to do. Hopefully we can get a good amount of courteous and constructive feedback along with a healthy list of Oplab owners for TE to look at. Assuming we get a good number of comments and suggestions, we can forward the thread to TE for them to review and assess. I’ll post my comment with the above information down below. Hope you can join in and hopefully the Oplab can get some much needed update love soon!

Purchased Oplab, June 2014. Hope to get Midi issues resolved in new update, get more info on creative ways of making music with the Oplab and get updates on the later modes for added functionality. Rod C. Encinitas, CA. USA.

I’d really like to know if any headway has been made at all. It’s been almost two years, did they lose the person that works on the Oplab’s firmware or something? I know they have a new coder for the OP-1. Or perhaps they’re spending so much time on the PO-12, the upcoming OP-1 update, etc, though their site says they have all these plans for the Oplab. It’s a little disheartening the widget didn’t take off, I bought mine last November/December, and December was when I was told the MIDI bug would be squashed in the next revision.

10 months later…

TE knows about this forum, and will see this thread I’m sure.

The MIDI Out bug isn’t a huge issue for me, but it is becoming one as my setup evolves and becomes centered around the OP-1 and Oplab =/ As soon as I plug my Zillion into the Oplab, there goes my ability to sync MIDI gear that doesn’t have a MIDI Thru (becoming more and more common to only have MIDI In DIN, and USB MIDI for In/Out…)

My Oplab is actually scheduled to arrive today. After carefully weighing my options I bought it - knowing about the midi out bug, but for the time being that does not interfere with my intended uses for it. But as @KrisM says, it could become an issue as my setup expands/morphs. And I would like to have the comfort of knowing they intend to continue to update and fix the bugs of a relatively expensive little device they have sold me.

Another thing, TE surely knows how many Oplabs are out in the wild, so I don’t know that this will really “spur them into action” as if they suddenly realise how many buggy Oplabs are actually out there.

I’m not saying they’re bad people, I just think their priorities aren’t on the Oplab and maybe never will be.

But anything is worth trying at least once, right?

I am totally invested in having Oplab be the hub connecting my OP-1 with my modular, with laptop, and whatever else MIDI might be needed at the moment!

However, the way it is right now is super frustrating. I simply conclude that it is not reliable, even in the few basic functions that supposedly work fine. The other day I set it up for themode (whichever number it is) that has one source that sends signal to everything elase. Great! I was sending the CV from modular to OpLab, then to Op-1 and MIDI out, and to the Laptop, wher I was picking up the MIDI via the OpLab device which mounted just fine as MIDI device. It worked for a few minutes, and atsoe point simply stopped. With nothig changed, the MIDI in the laptop stopped arriving… Oplab is sill visible as the device, but zero information passes through it!.. Restarting, resetting: nothing wouldmake it do again somethng that was just working a minute earlier.

I have stuff like that happening constantly! Super frustrating.
I most certainly hope that something is done about it, I would even appreciate just fixing thelimited functionality that is supposedly there! Let alone developing other modes that were implied in advertising.

So, hell yeah!


gladly signing whatever to help this happen!

I purchased mine around the same time as you Piotr and playing in a band where midi is essential to sync us all together I am begging for an update to the Oplab!

Co-signing. It’s just the right thing to do, really.

Yeah Boys, it’s gonna be Time!

…they’re showing pics from the Operator on

early prototype and stuff!

maybe TeenageHardWork! :slight_smile:

it’s actually :wink:

yeah. thx @krism

was a lil shortcut, brother.

Thanks for everyone’s comments! Hope to get more Oplab owners to sign and share their thoughts… If you know of anyone who has an Oplab, please send them the link to this page! Hope TE is able to balance all of their products and, with a little bit of coaxing from our synth community, see the next evolution of the Oplab! Kind regards to all!

i , with Endless sequenser dont work.well , endles move.pitch… but dont shoot gate in everystep , and the sync24 out dont.send acurate clock . i bought in Noisebugg , 3months ago .

TE please.update oplab , and a software.editor. to make our ows routes configurations.

Please update! It could be such a handy tool! Thanks! +1 for editor!

@quemadaconflash I have noticed that problem aswell. Even in finger sequences, the gate is inconsistent!

So the Oplab sucks at CV/Gate conversion, too? =/ FFS get it together, TE! :slight_smile:

Yes please on a solid update TE! The hardware is capable, and without solid decent firmware the hardware seems a bit over-priced, for example when looking at Kenton products.

FWIW I have not noticed any gate problems (happy to try to recreate though) The CV accuracy is pretty good, and I have not had any dinsync problems, were it not for this then I’d have lost patience with it. I do think though that some of the other modes and other things that were alluded to during the launch should have arrived by now!