PO-12 Rhythm / PO-14 Sub / PO-16 Factory revealed

Just revealed on engadget as a collaboration between TE and Cheap Monday. It will come in 3 different flavours:

The Pocket Operator (PO) series is a set of three miniature battery-powered synths, all priced at $59. There's the PO-12 "Rhythm" drum machine, the PO-14 "Sub" bass synth, and the PO-16 "Factory" melody unit.

Teenage Engineering is collaborating with fellow Swedish brand Cheap Monday -- best known for clothing Williamsburg's finest in skin-tight jeans and all manner of knitwear -- to bring its POs to market. Cheap Monday has its branding on each of the POs, and is also offering a range of Teenage Engineering-themed graphic tees and pins for displaying your brand allegiance. In addition to the clothing tie-ins, it's producing a more-functional case (priced at $39) for protecting your synths. All of the gear will launch tomorrow, timed with the start of NAMM trade show -- at $177 for the full suite, we expect them to sell very well.




Its the TE volca range, lol

Without a case I wouldn’t carry those in a skinny jeans pocket though…

I had a feeling they were gonna make several different units. But I was hoping one would be a sampler and I could get away with only that one. now I have to buy all three...

edit-debating though tomorrow I might only try for the Sub and a case.

Cheap Monday only ships to the EU. fuck.

Teenage Engineer PO-12 Pocket Synths, Hands-on Samples by PETER KIRN | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The Sub is sounding #€&ing AMAZING. I’ll buy all of them. Nuff’ said! :smiley:

Did they just brand themselves with skinny jeans?? Oh good lord…

lol @22tape

Can’t wait for the first Pocket Acid to come out.

Here’s how they work - see videos:


“pocket operator”

"pocket operator"


I’m amused by these but not convinced I’ll buy one. If they had just offered the PO-12 - I would have purchased it right away…but with three units now the charm for me is diluted and I can’t justify spending $180 bucks for all three…

Plus with the OP-1 and my other gear…I can sotra make these sounds and patterns already…

I do hope an firmware update is also coming.

I feel pretty much the same @mrclean

here is the case from the other NAMM thread by @mec1


There’s of course a game in each unit! Haha what else could you expect from TE :slight_smile:

More pictures by Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music








Can't wait for the first Pocket Acid to come out.

I think they’re calling that one the Sub (marine)

I meant as a (joke) genre, using the Rhythm and Sub together :slight_smile: though apparently the Sub and Factory have basic drum machines on board.

I know you meant it as a joke, but it seems you could do some good acid with the Sub alone.

BTW, it could also be a joke about acid washed jeans, given who TE has partnered with on this one. lol

I was on a plane for 12 hours, and now it’s out. :slight_smile: