PO Cases

Cases are now available to buy (delivery 6-8 weeks) in the TE store. Also, thought it might be good to have a thread about possible DIY options e.g. a case for the three POs.

"Please Note: Due to high demand for the pocket operators we expect to deliver these orders in April. "

free shipping on my cases order!?!?

ooops, beat me to it!

Bummer! I did think they looked like renders rather than real.

Anybody else order the cases and not get a receipt emailed right away. I think I might have just ordered twice.

I got the receipt immediately.

man I feel like a dork, been having so much trouble with the TE store. Had to email support, ordered the cases twice and didn’t get any kind of receipt, but my order appeared to go though.

The silicone cases feel and look pretty good in person (adequate)- similar to the silicone sleeves on glass water bottles (e.g. Starbucks or others). They’re not velvet like when compared to the material trend silicone on products like AIAIAI’s Tma-1 headphones or the new Mini Kaospad 2s.

The buttons on the case feel better to play with, as opposed to the bare POs. I only wish they were like $10 bucks less or something, imo. They DID have a big order of POs from a Japanese company while I was there, and probably many more from others. Couldn’t they offset the cases just-a-wee-bit?? Ha

@kites are the cases…hmmm…what’s the word…solid? I mean is the silicone hard coz i hate those flappy, soft iphone-cases and would hate that for the POs as well.

Hey guys, you can now order the cases! It says they are limited but not back ordered.

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@madeupmonster ha, I think they’re on the softer and flexible side- probably much like a an iphone case actually. The material has to be able stretch around the pc board, but it’s not bad to me, I think…it’s on the thicker side and definitely not squishy and cheap to where you can stretch it with just your thumb alone.

I was also hoping to paint the case, but I don’t think commom spray paint will adhere since its flexible. Maybe primer, plasti-dip?

Just ordered one, hopefully it comes less than two months though.

Hmmmm I bought all three POs but was gonna hold off on a case until I decide which, if not all, I’d be keeping. A bit concerned if I don’t just pounce on this I’d never be able to get one!

@ghostly606 Ya I’d pounce, especially if you plan on reselling. I think the cases would add to the resale value.

Good to know they are not too squishy, I hate that, also silicon tends to be a dust magnet, I hope these are not like that!

Thanks @kites for the update of the cases. I guess if they have a tight enough fit that it wont be a problem for me. As long as it doesn’t always feel like it’s about to fall off :slight_smile:

hmm i wonder if we should spray our PO’s with some of that waterproof spray ive heard about.

Hell yeah, make music in the bath! :slight_smile: