Pocket Operator : Recording to an android phone

Hi all!

I have purchased various cables in order to attempt to record to my android phone.

I have purchased a

  • 3.5mm male to male cable

  • Headphone Splitter, 3.5mm Audio Y Splitter Cable Stereo 4-Pole Microphone Dual Headphone Jack Adapter

  • USB-C to 3.5mm adapter

I have included an image of each cable separately and an image of them all connected.

Can anyone advise why this will not work is it due to the male to male cable only have 2 rings on the connectors?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

if i had to guess i’d say its your TRRS splitter not being detected on your phone
alot of htese generic splitters do not detect properly on your smartphone, tablet or OPZ.

not totally sure how your phone works but when u plug it into your phone,
the phone usually has some way of telling u that a headset has been detected
which then will switch the input on the phone from the built in microphone to your splitter input plug

I’m having the same problem. When I plug in a TRS condenser microphone, the splitter input is recognized, but when I plug in a line input, it is not recognized.

Hi, thanks for responding. When I record on the recorded app it states external USB mic attached. However, when you hit record it picks up the sound from the headset mic not the pocket Operator 🤦

I’ve now got a 3.5mm audio cable which is trrs but still no joy :pensive:

i think it stating that external USB mic attached just means that your USB to headphone adapter is detecting. dont think it has anything to do with your TRRS splitter detecting or not.

i’m assuming when u say headset mic u mean the mic thats built in to the phone?

obv i can’t say for sure but i would bet its your TRRS splitter
i did lots of research on these generic splitters in developing my own TRRS splitter for the OPZ

there are so many different ways they can be wired up even beyond the 2 most common wirings
lots of wacky ones out there to my surprise.

and even if its wired up correctly doesn’t mean your phone
will detect the mic input on your splitter consistently or at all

the TRRS 3.5mm cable wouldn’t make any difference because your TRRS splitter is splitting the connections on the TRRS to 2x TRS jacks (or even a TS jack for the mic input)