•• OP-Z TRRS Splitter I/O ••

for Teenage Engineering OP-Z
(and other devices with TRRS Combo Jack)
splits TRRS Jack into separate INPUT & OUTPUT Jacks
for easy sampling and monitoring
with volume control and impedance matching
for line, instrument and mic levels
and everything inbetween.
simple, small yet so so effective.
100% passive. no power required.
1x TRRS cable included!

now @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/digdugDIY
stay rad & stay safe! §§§


You the man!


for real and for years :heart_eyes::fire:

Great : )

thanks dudes!

Looks neat. Can I ask a few quick questions?

What is the max output voltage ? Is there any clamping? (I spoke to TE support and they said max was 0.5v rms input)
What is the purpose of the cap? Are you dc-filtering?
What is the output impedance (I understand it is a passive pcb but you said it had “impedance matching"). The input impedance of the op-z is 10k btw.


there really isn’t a max voltage. its passive so it can handle whatever u feed it.
no theres no “clamping”. this circuit doesn’t do anything to your signal.
just passes it along cleanly and clearly.

ya know to be completely honest, the cap is probably not vital to the operation of this device.
the op-z almost certainly has its own input cap.
(and whatever device u are feeding into the splitter, almost certainly has its own output cap)
but to my knowledge it is in theory good practice so i added it.
yes the main purpose would be to filter any dc that might have snuck in.
i used a big enough value as to not mistakenly filter any frequencies like low end or high end as sometimes input caps can do.

the output impedance varies with the knob from line level to instrument to microphone. the varying impedance helps you match to whatever your input source is so u don’t over/under load the op-z input.
the output is also matched to apple headset specs.
in my testing this provided the most reliable operation and detection

hope this answers your Q’s


:call_me_hand: Awesome, works great - would highly recommend as a line-in option!

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rad! thanks again so much :slight_smile:

So the OP-Z doesn’t have line-in with just a regular TRRS splitter?

the term “regular” is wrong as they’re all a bit regular and some might work and others won’t. Irig 2 is a good call or even better the one from @docshermsticks

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@davnak the input on the OP-Z via hte TRRS jack is microphone level

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This thing is amazing. thank you!

glad u are diggin!
thanks so much <#

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Looks exactly what I was searching, but it seems out of stock now… are you planning to make another batch ?

Stay rad mate

@tonylepsie ya will prob do another run at some point :zebra:

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hi yall

sadly it seems like this doesn’t work for me…tried using mine to sample from a walkman and had no luck

so today i tried adding a small mixer to the signal chain but i get no sound from the z when monitoring

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maybe try some different cables?
they are all tested and working 100% before i sent them out

make sure u select input source 2 on the Z
and u may have to turn on monitoring on the Z so u can hear the sound too

Thanks once i selected input 2 it works…thanks for the suggestion

awesome! glad u got it sorted
have fun!