Pop on the fourth bar

Hi group. Just a query about a minor issue I’ve noticed with my OP-1 and hope that someone knows a fix.
If I run tape from start on 4 empty tracks, the fourth bar has a ‘pop’ noise artefact. I wasn’t able to remove it by resetting the synth, so I don’t hold too much hope that the problem can be resolved.

Has anyone else had a similar/ same issue?

The fourth bar isn’t a deal breaker so early in the tape, just an annoyance that I’ll need to mention it should I ever sell the device.

You can try the clear all 4 tracks . This should do the trick.

I actually did a factory reset a while back, that didn’t remove the ‘pop’

It may be related to this: Annyoing pops and clicks bug with OP-1 OS #235

Factory reset is not the same. Look for erase 4 track function.

I’m not sure it’s the full tape erasing @hiabex should go for immediately. Try to record some silence over the pop sounds (on each track that suffers from the issue) and then lift the small records.

Thanks for the advice. I erased the tape and now the pop has gone. Thanks also for pointing out the thread that goes into the glitch in more detail. Quite relieved that I haven’t got a hardware issue.

hey, you don’t have to erase everything to clear the pop. the OP1 basically doesn’t remove all the audio it placed there, but does remove any indication of a take. find what track it’s on, then just record some silence over it and lift the take. that’s all you have to do.

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