Possible Descriptions of PO-16 Play Styles

Hello all, I have recently got at Pocket Operator Factory. Ive worked out what it all does, the instructions list what the effects do, but is there a table/list of what the Play Styles (Keyo-o + number) does? I know its appeggios and chords etc but a list explaining what they are would be great!

Ok I decided to have a crack at explaining them now Ive had a good go at it, these are my interpretations of what the different Play Styles do so may not be correct. You have been warned! ;)

1 chord maj
2 chord maj7th
3 chord minor
4 chord min7th
5 triple arpeggio
6 2 note arpeggio
7 rising arpeggio
8 alternate arpeggio
9 note repeat
10 transpose up repeat
11 note repeat x2
12 transpose up repeat x2
13 up down arpeggio
14 rolling note
15 transistion down rolling
16 transistion up rolling

I took the time to register on here just to thank you for doing this.
Now I’m looking for a list of the type of synth sounds it has.

I know this thread is old, but just wanted to say thanks! This is really helpful!