Recent issues with TE


So a lot of us are pretty upset with TE right now. I’ve seen a lot of people voicing their opinions about issues that have recently been brought up. Some are saying they are going to stop featuring(showing) their TE products in videos while other are “boycotting” or just being done with the company as a whole.

I wanted to hear what you guys had to say about what’s been going on. What has TE done to upset you? How do you feel about how people are reacting? And what you think TE can do to fix the issues?


Whats going on is that they dont have a clue and learned nothing from the stupid way the handled the opz release. You only have to look at the latest NAMM videos. I guy in a bedroom with sheets of red metal on the bed and assorted boxes and plugs. Theres a yellow assembled one…no sequencer yet, we are waiting for it to arrive…TE guy only knows how to turn the volume knob on… It was embarrassing to say the least. At the last moment they bring someone with knowledge and at least gets some sounds out of it. On top of that 2/3 of the stuff turns out is faulty and is not being released…Go figure
However TOP KNOWLEDGE on how to double the price of an 8 year old device



It’s a bummer that all this is happening but I don’t let it spoil all the positive experiences TE has brought me over the years.

Maybe I’m TE cucked?

Don’t get me wrong there are things about TE and their products that drive me crazy but I take the good with the bad.

Hopefully they will clean up their messes and make things right.


Boycott over a price hike sounds a bit childish? I mean, it’s their product. There’s not a central committee in Sweden that fixes synth prices every five years or anything. I don’t get it.


I wish they actually updated or improved something rather than selling the same years-old product for considerably more than they ever have before


Yeah I don’t think boycott is necessary the correct term. But I saw people saying it and decided to use it for the forum. I think they just don’t want to support them anymore for things like the price hike and issues with other devices and customer service and stuff.


Maybe we should flood their email with applications for customer service and PR jobs.


Hell yeah :joy:


a boycott is daft. They just need to get the message and be a little less arrogant. As for the motel room set-up, yep it was pretty funny but also a step up from last year`s van. Next year should be Nick Batt and Tobias in a hot air balloon demonstrating the £15 joss sticks.



nailed it.


i do have a feeling that the whole op-z is now built into the OP-1.

seriously i don‘t get that boycott


OP-Z built into the OP-1, what do you mean by that?
Do you mean literally all functionality of the OP-Z?
TE would neeeeever do that, I think. They are not that generous :smiley:


It is quite possible they had the choice between selling it for this price, or never bringing it back. Which would you prefer? People seem to conveniently ignore the post TE made about prices was for $8000.

If you don’t want to buy an OP-1 for $1300 or whatever it is, just don’t buy it. I’d love an OP-1 but at that price it just isn’t worth it to me, so I won’t buy one. For some people who want to buy one new, they have that option, if it is worth it to them.

If you sold your OP-1 thinking you could profit off of the high second hand prices when it was out of stock, and are mad that it is now more expensive to buy one back new, then I think that is hilarious and you only have yourself to blame.


Yeah I’m on the same boat. I used to have one and loved it but had to part because I started an apprenticeship and wasn’t getting paid much so I needed the money back. Also I was new to music and had ableton to learn and didn’t want to overwhelm myself. I thought that I would be able to pick one up after I was making more and could afford too but I don’t think I’ll be able to justify dropping that much. When I originally bought it, I think it was for $800? Maybe I’ll be able to find a used one someday for a price that would fit my range. We’ll see.


Pretty bummed tho. I got an OP-Z and an audio recorder that I planned to use portably with an OP-1.


i got mine in 11/2013. there was the only Black Friday deal TE ever made on OP-1 and I grabbed it new for about 650€. the regular price was 799 then.

i think the New Price Tag keeps the Fam small and niche at least and all the idiots selling their OP-1s for the highest price in history will not get a chance to earn anything in TEs name. which is fine for the right on Design Ideas and Swiss Army knife attitude. keeping it secured as a masterpiece


Same here in 2014


a boycott seems a little extreme. sure, TE can be annoying, with reliability issues and piss-poor communication and customer service.

but, TE make some interesting gear. and like plenty of innovative small music companies that came before them, such as ensoniq and em-u, they may not be around for all that long, no matter how amazing their gear is. and just like ensoniq and em-u, we will all miss them like hell when they are gone.


I damaged my OP-1 during xmas and logged a support call on the 2nd of January. it took about three weeks to actually get a response, another week to get a RMA number, when I sent it they didn’t pick it up from the collection point from a week and since then (two weeks ago) have heard nothing.

Funnily enough, I bought an OP-Z during that time to tide me over which I love

I am not a clever man


TE are a great company and have repaired my op1 2 times before I bought it. Also, they’re nice and their products are great. Whichever company you chose, there’ll be something not perfect about some element of maybe the operating system, functionality, ground noise, what have you.
To talk about boycotting over a price increase after limited parts caused a cessation of production is redonkulous, in my opinion. Boycotts should be used to send real messages to tyrants and earth killers. Not a synth company who fucking rule and release firmware updates 7 years after a product’s release.