Recent issues with TE


Coming from my viewpoint as an engineer within a major consumer electronics company, and looking at the music/synth industry as a customer, I think a lot of people don’t realize how small a lot of these synth companies actually are.

TE is ~40 people in total and has ~6 major product lines with the OP-1, OP-Z, PO, PO-Modular, Speaker, and Ortho Remote. And they’re maintaining production of these products for years, probably with very small volumes to maintain a low overhead.

In contrast, in my previous role we had 40+ people working on a single product.

I think that as customers we have the right to complain about customer service issues, price hikes that come as a surprise, and product schedules shifting, but as a fellow engineer I have nothing but respect for what TE has been able to accomplish with their products given the size of their team. I’ve had their products for years and have never been disappointed or felt ripped off by my OP-1 or PO, and I expect to feel the same about my OP-Z & PO-400 when they’re delivered.

But the beauty of the industry is if you don’t think Teenage Engineering deserves your money, you can go buy another synth or product out there. There are tons of options available, but it’s a testament to TE that we are all here on this forum discussing their products in particular. They really do create some special products, and I personally feel like that’s worth the premium cost associated with it.


Well I just bought an op-lab and am waiting for the 400 to be back in stock. I don’t think this forum is jumping on a boycott.

EDIT: I see the sneaky thread name change… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::raised_hand:


Yeah I decided to change it so people didnt think the was a post to start a boycott. Just wanted it to be an interesting topic at first to get people to check it out. Seems like this title is more appropriate and less confusing.


I think TE are good guys who sometimes make mistakes, their customer service could be better though and sometimes it seems that products are rushed to market without adequate beta testing.

But they are a small company making pretty unique, interesting and nicely designed products, they don’t seem very corporate to me, which itself means that sometimes dealing with them takes a bit of patience that I would not be prepared to have with a larger corporate company.

Boycotting seems a bit daft to me, it isn’t like you can get anything like their products from any other company, so I don’t see the point unless you are not really into their stuff in the first place, ain’t nobody else making OP-1s etc.


I am wondering why the Pocket Operator silicon cases are so darn expensive.


Agreed they make nicely unique designed products…“some” mistakes would be playing it down at the moment. I mean, PSU chips cracking within the first days…OPlabs not working properly. Do they even have a QA in their company, is what I would like to know.
And don’t get me started on their customer service. I think all mistakes could be excused if it wasn’t for their terrible customer service. They can surely get some intern for little money who likes the company and knows their products who can answer e-mails quicker than they do right now…

PS: I wish them well, but it just seems like they are a bit arrogant from success.


in response to a question about input from users, TE have quite openly stated that they aren’t interested in the people who buy and use their gear. they said their focus was on doing things that the people at TE want and enjoy doing. i think that explains it all.
they will not be hiring an intern to answer emails.


…im a bit confused…so they buy their own stuff and keep the company going??? thats the reason you buy an op1 for 1.400 wich is in stock ,take your money , keep it for as long as they wish and
then send it to you when they have the time…sounds to me like a company in serious trouble lacking cash flow…


they do have bigger things to do. June 2019 Ikea line-up will explain.


At least at IKEA people expect shitty quality :wink:


Dude. Please stop the whinefest.


No. Dude.


I love ikea


does IKEA have good customer service? :smiley:\

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Idk maybe. I’ve made a few calls about restock availability and they were able to tell me the exact date an item would be in the store. So yes!


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Haha :smiley:

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Yes. And be positive.


Okay, I love pocket operators. (But can’t ignore other facts)

  • one positive and one neutral statement


I’m a op-1 user for five years now and never had a problem
Po 12 user for 3 years never had a problem
Op-z user for two months
Never had a real problem
I use the op lab module for a week
Without a problem
Only some user error now and then