Recommend me a budget or not-so-budget (if it's too amazing to miss) reverb/delay FX unit/s

I’m trying to keep my setup DAW-less and I think some of my synths (Volca, PO’s etc) could benefit from some nice reverb or delays (tempo sync’d or experimental styles). Can anyone recommend me a unit that can do both and won’t cost me a fortune?

Or do I get what I pay for and there for I should throw down the cash for…?


Eventide Space is a must, I always say that.

But you may get a H9 with some of Space algos for less money.

As it’s 2 mono inputs, you can also use it as a sort of mixer for 2 of your devices.

Otherwise, EarthQuaker Devices’ “Disaster Transport SR” seems great.

I’ve had my eye on a few TC Electronics reverb pedals, namely the Hall of Fame (and HoF Mini) and the T2 for more out there sounding stuff. One of the presets on the T2 actually reminds me of the OP1’s CWO effect. They’re a lot cheaper that Eventide and Strymon stuff. Can’t really decide. I kind of want something that has reverb and delay in one unit. Also looking at loopers :wink:

There’s always the Korg Monotron Delay in the ultra-budget category. Dirty and lo-fi, but it’s only like 40 bucks.

I’m regularly blown away by my Space pedal, anything I throw in there sounds incredible. The H9 is another great option if you have an ipad for controlling multiple parameters. I’m just a big fan of real knobs, and lots of em!

Another interesting one is the newly released Avalanche Run by Earthquaker Devices. Reverb and delay with some cool sounding features; reverse delay, tape and bucket brigade emulation, tap tempo subdivisions.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I’ll check them out.

Neunaber stereo pedals (apparently called the Expanse Collection) are about $240, and with the $100 EXP add on you get four presets on one pedal that you can load any of their firmware/algorithms into (caveat: you cycle through the presets). Wet and Shimmer reverb, Echelon delay, they do a chorus… And apparently they just came out with the $225 Immerse reverb that is NOT programmable but has several reverbs including a Wet+Echo option. Iirc its effects are available on the Expanse line, too.

I have a Wet and it is gorgeous. Huge, lush, amazing…

Neunaber wet reverb.
Line 6 echo park (or the bhringer copy, which is pretty much identical and sounds great)
Line 6 verbzilla
Catalinbread Belle Epoch (echoplex in a pedal)
Tc electronic HOF
Tc electronic flashback delay (the x4 sounds amazing!!!)

Damn, that Avalanche Run looks and sounds cool.

Dont get lured in to the strymon stuff. You get what you pay for and it sounds incredible, but i also have sold both a big sky and a blue sky as i got a bit bored of the sound in the end, it was too perfect which is an odd complaint but its the one i had :wink: I just found that i got kind of bored of putting the styrmon on and getting this perfect pad, it didnt matter what you ran through it you always got this perfect strymon sound and it wasnt for me.

For a solid budget based alternative, the Zoom MS-70CDR is a great value and has several Eventide and Strymon emulation algos.

I’d say it gets 90% of the sound right, but at 20% of the price.

Mini KP and SP303/404 have some decent effects for a decent price.

I can vouch for the behringer copies of the line 6 delay/reverb pedals. I’ve had mine for many years now and still use them in my live setups.

I forgot about that one @AdamJay and I own a MS-100BT (basically all the effects of the entire line are downloadable, some free, with a smartphone app and Bluetooth). For $99 new it is hard to beat for the budget conscious outside of Behringer and it still wins on bang for the buck to sound ratio imo

I forgot about that one @AdamJay and I own a MS-100BT (basically all the effects of the entire line are downloadable, some free, with a smartphone app and Bluetooth). For $99 new it is hard to beat for the budget conscious outside of Behringer and it still wins on bang for the buck to sound ratio imo

Yea, the MS-100BT is the one I prefer, too, because you can get the bass algos from the shop and use many of them in stereo.

The Zoom MS pedals aren’t the best for realtime tweaks, but if you want solid, portable stereo send FX in hardware, they’re hard to beat for the $.

Strymon Strymon Strymon!

Strymon Strymon Strymon!
Put those in the not so budget category :)

Behringer virtualizer pro also has a very, very good reverb. And a great vocoder. And a nice digital filter. Actually it’s generally a great multi effects unit. It’s cheaper than a quadraverb and almost as lush.

since you said you want something nice… I’m going to recommend you wait & save. because in terms of richness & sound quality - you mostly get what you pay for. with that said, you won’t find a more dynamic & beautifully sounding delay under 300 than the strymon el capistan - really realistic tape tones with a rich spring reverb built in. budget wise - boss dd-5 is a classic digital delay. for analog the moog mini delay is really cool and the mf-104 is arguably one of the best sounding analog delays you can find.

for reverb - eventide space is hands down the coolest pedal you’ll ever run a synth through. budget wise - the rv-5 is kinda similar in digital tone with pretty dramatic parameters, stereo and all around cool compact reverb pedal. they also have the rv-6 but I’ve never owned one. hope this helps

Thoroughly recommend the ZOOM MS-70CDR too!

I had one for a while, it’s a great delay and reverb pedal for the money and really quite tweakable.
There are more expensive ones in their range but that’s when you’d maybe start looking at the Eventide’s etc.

But yeah, around £60 will get you a MS-70CDR. Money well spent. Ask yourself, will you really notice the difference between this and something ten times the price :wink:
Would rather spend the money spent on some extra toys personally.

I’ll 2nd the Kaoss pad mini and mini 2.Great loopers and all sorts.Reverb with LPF in performance based xy interface.Cheap and way better than Behringer virtualizer pro imho.

Lexicon …Reflex is what I have.never bored of that reverb.I payed £75.Any model in that range.