Record individual tracks from OP-Z into any DAW

Hello dear community, my name is Granja and I make music on an OP-Z sequencer from Teenage Engineering (TE). This sequencer has 8 tracks that Ableton does only recognize as MIDI (without any sound). From all my music as soon as I enter the production stage all the sound sculpted on the OP-Z is to be lost when a connection is done to Ableton for proper recording of unmixed channels. I have found a video
with the integration of OP-Z into Native Ableton but one has to understand deeply how the program integrates OP-Z parameters and to be able to dress each of the OP-Z tracks with Ableton sound engines (all far from being practical).,vid:C4ZRx8KRwlk
Apparently, with the MPC live II it is possible to recognize the OP-Z these 8 tracks separately by the USB-compliant port. I have seen only one threat in the internet with this setup but not discussed in detail

Is anyone doing anything like this, who could share how is it possible to record multitrack scenes from the OP-Z into any DAW. As I live in Portugal TE sales has to low expression for proper problem solving, however the consequence of such an issue is grave. Hope to hear from you soon with good news.
All the best.

Check this out Granja;

Gonna see if my OG MPC live splits the op-z channels later, thank you.