Recorder for OP1 and OPZ



So I’m not 100% sure what I’m shopping for. I’m preparing myself to have a portable set up mailing around my OP-Z and the OP-1 I will get(eventually). I was some kind of recorder that I can use to sample sounds around me. I really like odd/ natural sounds. Also a big fan of ambient music so may be trying to make a lot of that. What would you guys suggest I get that’s portable, able to record good samples, and also can record from OP-Z and OP-1 with quality??? Thanks for the help. If I’m missing things or if you have suggestions please let me know.


alot of people talk about the zoom range


Yeah I was about to buy a Zoom H1n but I heard it had issues recording the OP-Z into it?? Idk if it’s true but I believe I ran a crossed in in one of these forums. So idk which one would be the best to buy.


I use an Olympus LS 14 but just about any portable recorder with a line-in should do the job.


Nah, works fine!


Really!? That’s great to hear! How’s the audio quality when it come to recording? I’ve been looking at best records for 2018 and 2019 and it said the only draw back was quality of recording but it has been listed as one of the top recorders.


It’s as good as direct recording to my DAW… that said, I use a Zoom R16 as an audio interface so it’s probably the same A/D converters.


Have you used it for “field” recording? How’s that quality?


I only have the H1, not the H1n, but it’s good enough for what I want to do. It’s probably not the same quality as the higher end Zoom mics, but it seems to be pretty high quality, and very sensitive.


What about the OP 1 itself?
If 6 min isn’t too short - the A/B albums work excellent for me.


Oh just reread - you want to record ambient sounds through a mic… Well I do use the Op-1 mic lots and I’m happy with its dirty results.


I use a fairly old model H4 Zoom for recording field samples and it works fine. I haven’t used it’s direct inputs (it has XLR/TRS inputs) but as others have said I believe the ZOOM aux inputs work fine. My old model is a bit big and my wife thinks the X-Y miss look like a taser (without a deadcat on) :joy:but I used it around Japan when we visited there and no-one seemed bothered. I think I will get a H2n for it’s more compact form and mid-side capabilities however. That has a TRS stereo line as well, so hopefully will be ok for reording the OP-1 or Z on the road.


Zoom H4n here too. I think its fine for what it does. I’ll tell ya what I haven’t tried yet…using the 1/8’’ mini input AND the two front inputs at the same time. Idk if its possible but i’ll check, it would make a killer recorder/mixer for the Zed and One.


Let us know


Update: Just checked the manual and it seems totally do-able. Imma play with this tonight. Saves me a few $ from getting the go:mixer lol

In 4CH MODE, the H4n Pro records two stereo
WAV fles: one stereo WAV fle for the built-in
mic or stereo mic input and one stereo WAV fle for
INPUT 1 and 2.




Once I get the :+1: from you I think I’ll buy one



Just bought one!! Thanks bud!


you are welcome!