Recording OP-1 on Cubase iOS

Hello! I’m wondering if someone knows how to record the tapes from OP-1 on Cubase (iOS version) like different tracks. So I can apply filters and stuff like that separatedly.
And the same for OP-Z if posible :slight_smile:
Thanks thanks!

If you can drop files in to this version of Cubase then export your 4 tracks from the OP-1 (maybe on to a computer first) then drop them in

I don’t know how the iOS Cubase is, but you could also record each in the same way as any external audio with an audio line in from OP-1’s output. You’ll need to manually line up the tracks. You could do this by recording a short sharp sound on all four tracks in the same place on the OP-1 as a reference to line the tracks up, just like a clapperboard is a reference for lining up audio and visual recordings for film.

Thanks for the help!
Yeah, best option is to move them to the computer firstly and then to the iPad.

If you have an audio interface you can record from that into cubasis. Maybe you have to use a powered usb hub between the interface and iPad/iPhone, because many interfaces uses to much power. I have a Scarlett 2i2 and have to use a hub.

And for the op-z: it works like an audio interface itself when you connect it via usb. So you can record from that into cubasis.

Oh, great, thanks.
What about using the iRig2?

I don’t think, that the quality would be good. It’s mono I think? And it will be very noisy

Ok, I see. I bought yesterday. I’m gonna check if it works for me, as I’m not looking for something too pro. I’m just an amateur :slight_smile: