Regarding OP-1 + Garageband in iPad

I am a new OP-1 user. I would like to route my sound to an iPad and sketch some ideas in Garageband. I used the Apple camera connection kit and turned monitoring on. When I play something in OP-1, I can see the input and output meters responding in Garageband. But my sound comes out of the OP-1 speaker and not the iPad speaker. If I play something in OP-1 and record a track then Garageband records the track fine but when I play back the recording nothing comes out of the iPad speaker. If I now connect an external speaker or headphones in my iPad I can hear the recorded track. Now if I want to play something in OP-1 with the recording in Garageband, the recorded track comes out of the external speaker/headphone but the OP-1 sound is routed through OP-1 speakers. Also the input level recorded from OP-1 is very low for keys although it is okay for drums, even when OP-1 volume is turned to max.
I have a 14-day return window for the Apple cable, if this is a cable issue. Or else is it a Garageband issue? Then I can purchase an app like Looperverse. I found some discussions in this forum regarding this issue but couldn’t find a definitive answer to all my questions. Thanks in advance!!