Routing OP-1 audio to iPad DAW - worked!

Hello All: I am a OP-1 newbie and still learning new things every day. I thought that I would share something with the group that has popped up every now and then in this forum and other places without any well laid out step-by-step solution. I wanted to route the OP-1 audio to my iPad and lay out some tracks on Garageband just to sketch some ideas. I posted this question in the forum (Regarding OP-1 + Garageband in iPad) and got no reply. Then I started looking all around and after going through different related discussions and YouTube videos, I finally got a working solution.

I connected a Hosa CMP-159 Stereo Breakout Cable - 3.5mm TRS Male to Left and Right 1/4-inch TS Male from audio out in my OP-1 to an audio interface in both channels 1 and 2. I am looking for portability and hence got the EVO-4.

Then I connected the USB cable from the audio interface to the iPad Pro using the Apple camera connection kit (since my iPad is not the one with the USB-C connection). I plugged the iPad charger in the camera connection kit. This made sure the iPad got its charge while the EVO-4 completely got its power from the iPad and didn’t need any powered USB hub.

I opened Garageband and voila!! By the way I made sure that my OP-1 was not charging during the sessions and hence no hissing or static noise. I am so glad that everything worked out; so was excited to share with y’all. Thanks!

not sure if u’ve seen the latest firmware update
but now u can route audio from the op1 straight thru the USB

Couldn’t do that into the iPad; I tried with the USB cable and the Apple camera connection kit.

I can confirm it works with my older CCK. Do you not see it as an audio device in AUM/Audiobus/whatever you are using?

ya def works for ipad, ipad pro, iphone, etc etc
since firmware 243

@Stylist_for_Diogenes I knew it works as a midi device. But I couldn’t figure out how to play the OP-1 as a keyboard with its internal sounds and record that into Garageband; can you give more details. Would like to check that out if I can skip the audio interface.

@docshermsticks Can you please give more details of the connection and workflow. Thanks in advance!

just make sure you have updated your OP1 to #243 firmware

and it should be the same as u have setup your EVO4 audio interface
but now the OP1 is your audio interface