Who would like to see this feature?

… Also more gain plz. The 24db like on the op1 is very handy.


Oh yeah, I didn’t realize how much I needed this until now.
Resampling please !

Yay to resampling! I’ve been using AUM in the iPhone to do some resampling, but it should be way more straightforward.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but in general, I’m not finding sampling with the OP-Z super inspiring and fun… not sure if it’s the dynamics or what, but I thought I’d be using it way more than I am.


I agree…resampling would be a way to make it more fun.
Also having no way of deleting unwanted parts of a sample to exchange it with something else is annoying.
Not having auto-triggering for the sampling is…meh…that way you always have some unwanted silence at the beginning of a sample. But I guess they should know those things need improving. Hopefully they will do it.

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I wish we could sample to just parts of the drum samples, like to each note or the whole 13 seconds or whatever… that way we could have many samples for each sample slot… and resampling would be awesome! I use mine allot but it can’t really hold allot so I don’t sample as much as I would if I could.

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i think the lack of memory is the biggest problem. I don’t even have all my drum slots full but it wont let me make any more user created sample slots. I have to delete older ones. Even though i have at least 8 open slots, it won’t make new samples because its out of memory i guess. Which begs the question, why have X number of slots if the memory can’t support X number of samples?

I have the same bug :beetle:

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Ah shit that’s a bug? dang nabit

I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard others have it, and I seem to have it.

I’ll load the USB storage mode & fill like ~ 7 slots and it loads fine, but if I go over that kind of amount, it won’t load and the white light comes on.

Hopefully there is a big new update soon with new features.

Finding myself going back to the op1 now.

Opz has so much potential, it’s just not quite there for me at the Mo.

Worst case scenario, it’s sharpening my love for op1 :rofl:

if you have both you really should sequence the Op-1 with the OP-Z.

i love to sequence the drums on OP1 with the control track for overlapping notes and such :innocent:

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Yeah, this is great. You can re/sample into the OP-1’s drum sampler live, while it’s being sequenced by the OP-Z


How do you do this? Sounds cool, but can you elaborate?

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of course.
in my particular setup I’ve connected all my units with a raspberry pi but if you don‘t have that (you can buy it from me) you can easily connect the OP1 to the Z via USB directly, or with a powered hub if you run out of juice.

Set the Op-1 to channel 14, turn on midi echo (shift+8) on the control track and use the control track to trigger OP1 drums or Synth.

this way you can add more notes to the sequencer, compared to the drum tracks, which can handle 2 notes on one step.

if you have a nice sequence going, you can control the OP1 with all kinds of chopping or resampling etc.

most fun with the midi lfo enabled to automate your sample chopping and such.
or use the d-Box for more unheard drum sounds. the magic happens when you mix and match both sources and leaving the 16 step grid.

basically I start with a metronome, set the track length to x4 (4x16) steps and start to fingerdrum the drums into the Z (Qunexus :nerd_face:)

with Qunexus, make sure to enable alternative program change with (shift +7) on the control track, otherwise it won‘t put notes to the sequencer.
quick and stable.

Thanks! I don’t understand this bit tho :fist_right::sleeping::fist_left:

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haha ok. i guess the setting of the midi channel on OP-1 is clear…midi echo is under OP-Zs control track (shift+8).

you can now record and sequence notes between the two Units.
for instance: lay down some hihats on track 14 of the OP-Z and then record bass and snare drum with the OP1 keyboard into the OP-Z track.

How could you do hats on track 14 tho? :rofl:

hi hats from the Op-1, sequenced by OpZ on track 14. :nerd_face:

Ok, of course it makes sense now!

Struggling to get this working. Plugging in my op-1 to opz. Any tips on a starting point?


I would love to see some form of resampling on the op-z (via tape or whatever as long as it’s done in-the-box). In fact, it’s the lacking feature that has me hesitating about getting an op-z.


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