Roland J-6 &

Possible to USB midi to play j6 chords through op-1? Or op-z sequencing the j6? Anyone using them together? Happy family?

maybe u already peeped but
this thread might be helpful

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Xo cheers.

Youre gonna need a usb midi converter since the op1/opz does not have midi out the regular way. I got a kenton usb midi for this exact goal.

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Had a faff trying to get the og oplab working between them. No luck so far.

vaguely remember ppl saying that the usb audio feature
mucked up something w/ the usb midi w/ certain devices like oplab and kenton?

I have the E-4 and midi/audio works through usb C on the op-1 field. You can bluetooth midi your op-z and have them all synced without any accessories. I’ve even Bluetooth midi two opz and usb-c midi the E-4 without any problems. The op-1 field is :star_struck:!!! Hope that helps.