Rumble reviews

anyone receive their rumble module yet and want to share what they think of it?

i got mine, had about 5 minutes to install and play with it before i had to work. the new locking mechanism was great! other than that, i honestly wasn’t blown away at all. it seemed a bit random. but like i said, i haven’t had time to properly check it all out. one thing i can say is that it worked immediately, right out of the box, which is more than i can say for the 3 different oplab modules i’ve had so far…

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I can’t wait!! I was reading reviews on the watch and seat thing this company makes and it really sounds really neat… mine doesn’t say is even got to America yet though… I hope it comes quick. I would love to hear some more thoughts after you have used it some. My oplab has been great so there are good ones out there!! Don’t give up!

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just found this:


great. but does it respond to the individual instruments individually?

for example: does it react to a short envelope rhythmically and spreads out while playing a large string and such…curious :see_no_evil:

and i guess he’s right with the fact that you miss the rumble once you turn it off.

There is a rumble in the jungle

Will definitely receive mine tomorrow and then try to wrap up my feelings about it. Since this module is more about “feeling” (aka it will feel different for different people) I’m pretty sure some will love it while for others it’s just not their cup of tea. Which is fine but also a strange choice for a second module.

I got mine yesterday and I must say I really like it. It responds to all lower frequencies so you can feel more sounds than just bass and kick. It feels great!

Musically, it depends on the user whether or not this module will be useful. In my case, there’s two clear benefits:

  1. Silent metronome will be great to use in live situations, I really wish I had this feature during my last live gig where I had a lot of parts where the drums were silent.

  2. Tactile feel of the bassline. I do all kinds of music on the OP-Z, but it’s when I’m making techno tracks for live performances that this will come in handy. I have two Yamaha HS5’s and a pair of ATH-M50Xs at home and they’re nice and all, but they don’t give me much guidance as to how the bassy frequencies will sound in an industrial venue like a tunnel or a warehouse. The rumble really helps with that perception: if the unit rumbles continuously throughout the track, I need to start editing filters and envelopes. If the unit is pumping along with the beat, I’m doing it right.

I felt a bit stupid while trying it out for the first time. Like, OK, it rumbles. That’s it? But when I turned off after an hour or so I started to miss it quite quickly. And when using it while commuting to work this morning, I realised I’ll be using this as my standard module whenever I’m travelling with the OP-Z.

The OP-lab sure has way more direct functionallity, but this module should not be overlooked.


This video shows how the basslet works:


Got mine today and have to admit: I fell in love immediately.

To answer JohnnyEgo’s question:
Yes, it totally responds to different sounds and exactly resembles the lower frequencies of whatever you do. Your bass has a snappy envelope? You will FEEL the snappy envelope. Your bass has a slow attack and long release? You will FEEL that, too.

Of course the module does NOT just rumble “randomly”, what would be the point?
I turned the volume of the OP-Z all the way down and pushed it against my ear and could hear my bass-line only through the rumble-module just the way it should sound.

But in general it does not work like an audible subwoofer (if you do not push it against your ear), meaning: Using the internal speaker together with the module does not really change the sound of the OP-Z much for me (unless putting it on a really resonating surface). But using headphones together with the module changes A LOT for me. The bass feels full and juicy an I love it.

If bass is lacking in your track, you will of course not feel much. What I found a bit strange:
When placing the OP-Z on a solid table, the rumbling gets almost lost (probably “absorbed” by the table). It’s best to hold it in your hands or place it on your lap.

Also important, the OP-Z does not clatter in any way, while using the module. It’s rocksolid.


But you don’t really hear it right? I mean is not really audible… I’m really curious what is gonna be like, it seems like it will be like a message chair kinda thing.

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No, you don’t usually hear it. You feeeeeeel it and god, how good it feeeellllssss :heart_eyes::joy:

thx. yeah I can imagine that you‘ll miss it somehow when turned off are the impulses like the haptic engine on the Iphone since the physical home button is missing?

i really love that short vibration

Thanks for the info on the Rumble module. A big question for me is battery life… So pre-module we’re looking at up to 6 hours I guess… How about with the module? I know it has an intensity setting, but battery life on the level that you think is appropriate would be very interesting.

Totally love the module. It is a great addition for the opz. In comparison to the oplab module it is quite heavy and adds some weight to the opz. What I quite like.

You can even hear the vibration if you place it on the right surface.

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this is one product the craves reviews as it`s not something we can judge by what we see or can hear, so thanks all for those who have added info about the Rumble.

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adding weight to the op-z is definitely something that is a plus point (for me).

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Say you have all 8 plugs on the go, is the rumble responding to those tracks individually? So you`d have a low rumble for bass and a sharper buzz for snare?

TE states that the module responds to frequencies between 10-150hz.
I would say that the “body” of a bass drum (depending on the plug/sample) is around 60-100hz and that of the snare is more between 200-300hz and therefore not really represented by the module.

It’s not that you can feel ALL the frequencies through the module. Just like you mainly FEEL the bottom end during concerts or when touching a subwoofer, it makes the feeling rich and saturated. It is a great addition to what you hear, but it can’t replace, what you hear.

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The module is likely reproducing the final mix, but only the low end frequencies… someone should make a video showing the module working with a glass of Scotch sitting on top of the OP-Z :slight_smile:


…I’ll borrow that idea from you :wink: Hope to do it tonight.