Rumble users/ it worth buying when i never hand-hold op-z?

Cause that shitty season is coming up, the one where we can get others to treat us to the stuff we dont wanna buy (hello Crank!) and the Korgie Nu-tekt and Crave are looking pretty tasty, more useful but they are also a little bit more than i wanna ask as a gift, but i wouldnt want to think that its just only gonna be ballast. Most of yous who bought one have had it for a few weeks now, so whats the post-fun verdict. Please.

I don’t really care for it. It was interesting when I first got it but the novelty has worn off quickly for me. Also, it’s a bit distracting when making music and I will probably sell it at some point since I don’t even use it. Basically it’s meh. Different strokes for different folks though.

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thanks for the honest reply Oxxi.

I would love to hear some more details of the „meh“ and distraction point of view.

I really like my module - it adds something unique to the op-z - but it is of marginal value if you don’t use it handheld.

Maybe you’ll start holding it while using it? Even putting it on your lap while using rumble adds something, but on a table it won’t be very noticeable or useful.


Well it’s meh cause it all it does is rumble and it’s distracting cause it rumbles lol. I would find it more useful if there was a mode to respond to user input instead. Haptics for turning the dials when they are centered so I don’t have to always look at the lights, when clearing patterns etc. But then again I don’t think there’s much to add there either.

I’ve already read that somewhere but would definitely agree with a general haptic feedback!
some strong pulses etc

Has anyone found that the tracks you have been making have become more bass-heavy, like you are pumping it up sub-consciously just due to the pleasant feedback sensation, and in doing so are becoming imbalanced when it comes to mastering on a daw? Im off the idea of buying one now but im curious to know if Rumble is actually effecting how you use the op-z. And what the feck am i doing wrong to always get a different typeface half-way through a bloody post?! gr.

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sounds like you answered your own question. You’d probably be better off getting another pair of headphones or some other piece of gear. Sooner or later some useful modules will come out… i hope :thinking:

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I’m kinda late to the party on this one, but I’m a Rumble user that’s fully digging it. I use the OP-Z to play live and generally on a table… but when using it, I keep my fingers on it to feel the metronome pulse to keep me in time while cooking up a jam from scratch in a live situation. Works well for me. Also just dig feeling the bass when I hold it. :slight_smile: Pretty useful as a metronome for me.


Ever since the gyro LFO, I’m holding mine a lot more. I may try a rumble pack.