Samples from DAW to OP-1 field: best practice?

Hi everyone!

I want to get some sounds that I have in my daw (synth, but also drumkits) to my OP-1 field.
whats the best way to do this? export a stereo file? what file format/bitrate/khz?

I think 48K WAV 16-bit — but don’t quote me on that.

I haven’t used the OP-1F much as a sampler, but I imagine you could throw the samples in the Drums folder and then load them into Drums and chop them.

I’ve been meaning to do that myself, but haven’t had time. The OP-1F is going with me on a trip next week, and I’m looking forward to some time to try things like this.

I’ve been round and round trying to get this right. Here’s where I’ve landed…

44.1khz / 16bit / Stereo
Note: A4 (actual octave depends on the sound)
Max 6 seconds
Normalised to -0.5db

[Additional edit]

If sampling via the OP-1f then press the upper A key on the keyboard and play an A4 note. Any other key will transpose the sample.

OK, I believe 44.1. Sorry I was wrong! :slight_smile:

Does the Field still use only 16-bit samples? That seems crazy.

Yes, but they do sound great when pitched up or down. Some of the best pitching this side of Assimil8or.

44.1k 16 bit stereo .aif 12 sec max for drumkit

It’s Stereo & 20seconds for the Drumkit Sampler.

Which allows for Stereo or Stacked sample playback (stacked makes the sample mono and allows you to blend / modulate between the left / right side for drum layering)

What I am finding a little strange is, if I sample a waveform and then zoom in and get a perfectly clean loop without needing to use Fade, if I keep the note held down - you can hear the loop points move ever so slightly resulting in a slight buzziness, and over time it will slowly fade back to clean. And so on. I have no LFO’s running or anything. It suggests something else is going on which probably shouldn’t be.

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