Sampling on the road thread. (Using your phone)

So far I’ve failed to sample audio sources that have an 3.5mm out into my OP Z.
I’ve tried TRRS to TRS and a TRRS splitter.
3.5 to usbc adapters probably won’t work because they are meant for using headphones on smartphones that only have usbc out

And if you don’t wire a custom TRRS cable that splits the mic touch point you are going to have to use usb c audio in on the OP-Z

My main questions are:
What dongles could I use to get 3.5mm audio into my OPZ via usb-c?
Would a Y-type TRRS split cable work differently than lets say a Røde TRRS splitter?

There’s a big old thread about this elsewhere

Would you be so kind to link it? I’ve been searching for an awnser on these forums but I haven’t found it

Maybe here you can find something :

I think that’s the one :slight_smile:

just found the Screen + 2 input selection tip here - that was driving me nuts since i thought opz would auto select trrs input once something with a 10k resistor was connected