Secondhand OG OP-1 with headphone jack & built in speaker malfunction

Hello All. Recently bought an OG OP-1 from a friend & it’s been working wonderful up to this point, been having fun jamming and noodling around. Was jamming in bed last night & In a stroke of shit luck the headphones got yanked out of the jack after my partner mistakenly rolled over on them and the op-1. (I had the unit set to side for a moment, I wasn’t using it when this happened)

After that for a very short while I could only hear sound coming from the right ear of my headphone…tried different pairs & discovered that the issue was with the unit. Pulled the headphones out to see if I could get any sound at all coming from the unit & now it turns out I can’t get sound from headphones or speaker at all. Any idea what’s going on here? Tested all volume options on the unit and the level meter shows that sound is operating normally from within the unit but it doesn’t come out of speakers or headphones. I’m new to the OP-1 and electronics in general when it comes to under the hood stuff. Was curious what you guys think the root of the issue might be? & what should be the next move in repair options?

Thanks in advance. I’m sorry for the long read just wanted to be detailed.

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I bought my op-1 with the same issue, the previous owner had dropped it with a cable in the headphone jack, and it ripped the jack off the connector board. I’ll dig up my post about fixing mine, but I reached out to TEs customer service and they were able to provide me with a one time link to purchase a new Connector Board (what handles the input, output and USB), relatively easy to replace even if you have no experience I’d imagine.



yea sounds like the jack got borked
theres a lil switch in the jack that connects when u unplug something from it
that basically tells hte device that nothing is plugged in and to output the sound via the speaker
when u plug in a cable it disconnects this switch and thus defeats the speaker

u can either get a new connector board and install it like the homie @skywhale suggests
or if u are handy enough u could try replacing or fixing just the jack itself

u could open up that lil compartment on the bottom and see whats going on
hopefully u didn’t lift any of hte solder pads off the board

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Fixing the the Jack is reasonably simple with a little patience and a sharp tipped soldering iron. Mine arrived borked too, just resoldered it all good


Thanks for the reply! I’ve never soldered before. A possibly silly question: Do you lay new solder on top of the old solder that’s supposed to be holding down the jack?

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No probs, two options,
1- yes, heat up the old solder until it is new and shiny looking, then make sure the legs of the jack seat onto the circuit (just press and hold) and allow to cool. You should not need to add more solder as too much will create a short circuit.

2- no, what I tend to do is grab a bit of spare wire, maybe you have some speaker wire or something like that, strip the plastic to expose the copper, then splay it a little so that it’s a little like a brush, heat the solder on the jack plug and wick it with the copper wire you stripped. This removes the old solder. Heat the jack socket legs while it is seated on the circuit board for a little while, maybe 10 seconds, then slowly introduce your new solder, you will need very little as the legs and circuit are very small.

Make sure you do not add so much solder that you join the adjacent jack legs as this will cause a short circuit. I’m not a soldering expert, in fact I’m pretty crap at it, but this worked for me as one of the legs had a dry joint.

A minute is a little long (you have a high risk of lifting the pads!) 1-2 seconds is closer to the time needed….

OP - if you havent soldered before then I’d suggest desoldering and soldering a smt jack on an op1 isnt the best option for a first attempt. (It’s not hard if you have the equipment and experience but you have a really high risk of damaging the board)


I agree with this point 100% and edited my post

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