Something New!

Let the speculation begin! I will be at the NAMM and will report from the front lines!


Let the speculations begin…

Assuming it isn’t the PO-12?

If it is, great. If it isn’t…wow.

The only thing new they need to give me is copy and past from pattern/endless to finger, fix the noise at the end of loops, and…oh yeah…PO-12.

my guess is the OS update, and the PO12.

when is NAMM?

oh jan 22. in big bold letters. lol. its early.

Anybody getting any clues from the picture?

Drawbar organ?

@rtk that would be sweet! I wonder what the green thing on the right is. Looks like a sewing needle. I’m not smart enough to think of something that could be!


I thought it was a wand for blowing bubbles :slight_smile:

+1 @johnl - definitely looks like the bubble thing

the “bubble blower” looks like something else I’ve seen that is mechanically oriented, like a rotating balancer or something in clockwork. Could just be an “engineering” thing instead of a “fun” (bubbles) thing. But who knows.

I just hope it’s not another “game” like chopper…


I just cannot wait… ARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!

If you take a look at their facebook page header image you can see a sine waveform and a rectangle waveform. Maybe a sign for a new LFO with traditional waveforms? I’m just guessing :wink:

can be a drumstick as well…but the other thing?

Question: Did anybody here ever blow bubbles as a kid?

i remember one of my friends had one of those big hula hoop looking things that u could make giant bubbles w/

u could even put one around u if u were small enough. BUBBLE BOY!

Of course til we dropped it :slight_smile: