So odd that people really want to pay for extra hardware “modules” for things that can be done in software (and thus brought to market much faster)…


hoping for more synths engines (including drum synth engines for track 1-4)!

open source engines would be cool too so you can code your own…


to clarify. I don’t want a hardware module to be the only way to sample. TE has already said that sampling is a software thing and requires no additional hardware. This is the best way to do it. But I want more than 1 GB of recording time. 1 GB isn’t enough. I fill up the op-z with samples easily already without using all the plugs or the sampler feature.

modules should expand the software functionality for people that want more. Just like the ZM-! adds more ways to connect to other things. But it’s really all midi and software doing the work. There are other ways to get CV gate and midi out of the op-z without buying the module from TE. This is the way to go. Software to unlock the functionality, and hardware accessories from TE and other companies to expand the platform.

Also @a_lex open source synth engine idea is more desirable to me than a hardware accessory.

(I want to add another ascii hype train but this post is to long already)


??? seems like maybe there is a disconnect here

the Z currently only has like ~25mb of sample space available.
so if they end up opening up the 1GB that would give u ~40x more space than currently
u gotta wonder if there is 1GB flash why its not already available to use?

also an increase in memory isn’t likely to give u more slots//plugs per track anyways
so u’d still be stuck w/ the same 10 slots at any given time per track limitation


The OP-Z is always going to be a device with limitations. Embrace them! If you are pining for a device with more than 1 gig of sample memory, the OP-Z will almost certainly never be it.


Module with multiple (4ish ?) stereo analog audio outs so as to ever be able to integrate with external hardware processing while using the full power of the unit.


This would be the main thing I’d like. It would be great if outs could be assignable.


fixing the Aliasing in the synth engines would be dope…
Also the ability to have sounds from different kits in the same sequence, a bit like you can do in po-33… I miss that feature.


It would be great if they could hurry up with the sampling update!




i cannot imagine no one other the nme is annoyed by the lack of specs for photomatic: i wanna import pictures NOT taken on my iphone and add them: Right now no specs no cropping options


I heard from a beta user that the storage space jumped from ~30mb to ~200mb after the sampling fw update!


lol. like 90% of the suggestions in this thread will never happen. I am just throwing coal onto the op-z sampler hype train.


Hello All,
I’ve had the OP-Z for about 2 weeks now, and although I’m still learning the features, there are definitely a few additions I would love to see.

Mixer Section on iPad:
Solo Button
Pan Knob
FX Knobs

Module with individual audio outs.

Independent, dedicated effects for each channel

more to come, for sure

Just thought I’d add my 2-cents.


I’d like it if it were possible to set the delay effect to be mono if you want. Sometimes I like to pan synth sounds fully left and the drum sounds fully right. Then when I feed the audio into my mixer I have two separate mono channels, one with drums, one with synths. The trouble with this is that you then can’t use the delay effect, as it is in stereo and so your sounds will leak into the other channel. I’d like to have an option to be able to switch the delay to mono.


best way would be to Disable the routing to the delay fx.
you can use shift and the yellow dots to indicate which one feeds into the fx, just unlit your drums for instance


Thanks for the advice, but that’s not quite what I mean. I don’t have any delay on the drums, but the delay is stereo, so you get any sounds you apply delay to in both the left and right channels. Do you see what I mean?


ah yes. the problem is the output stereo field!


Ha ha nicely done.


Yes Bluetooth Sync would be nice. Midi clock in/out and start/stop in/out over bluetooth.