+1 for Chromatic mode for drum samples


Yeah, they really need to add this. Could be a total game-changer for me


But how could they do that? If I understand correcy, for the drum sampler the note keys select which sample to use. How would you select the pitch?


one way, you could press shift when selecting a sample to put it in chromatic mode for that sample


As much as I would want this feature, I doubt they would do it…it goes completely against their system of using samples, which they used since the OP-1.

I am still praying for direct sampling. Implement that and it would “kill” so many other groovebox type thingies out there.


Chromatic is already possible indeed. Just select note shift plus green encoder.
On Op-1 it is also possible In sampler mode. In drumsampler mode it is not possible ofcourse because of the multisample.


The pictures might be different in early ones, but the mean the same thing, is different than having no order at all.


Chromatic is already possible indeed. Just select note shift plus green encoder

Yeah, you could do it like this… but I find it very tedious to record note variations.
Or I am missing something…


Yeah you could do it by turning green encoder and change the pitch stepless/free. What I lack is the ability to change pitch in semitones.


To record. Push note and hold while recording and turn green for pich voila. Or am i missing something?
First put the track in loop mode. Push shift and hold turn blue cw. And adjust env.


Yeah internal resampling seems functionally possible


Would having the option to toggle shift help others? I know it’d help my workflow. Maybe press n hold for 3 secs or something.


Nice idea, I totally agree with you


A function to see how many mute group is engaged inside each pattern

  • Obviously, sampling would be super cool (and I think it’s confirmed to be coming out sometime)

  • I would love to be able to change the “resolution” in the sequencer to get more precise sampling for longer patterns. Basically to be able to “zoom in” to the sequencer and be able to scroll through 16th notes in a pattern that’s 4 measures long or something (this would allow a lot more complexity of notes and step components)
    This is probably the feature I want the most, and it seems like not many people are talking about it.

  • More synth engines (one of the only major drawbacks from what I’ve seen is the lack of synth engines/sounds)

  • One small thing: I’m not sure if this is possible or not, but I’d like to be able to use the ARP track for a different purpose in songs where I don’t want arpeggios.

  • Also, I’m not sure if it can do odd time signatures (I just bought one and it hasn’t arrived yet), but that would be a major drawback (for me) if it can’t


Okay since the sampler hype train is coming…

A sampler module with more sample time, a memory card, line input. A looper where the lengeth of the loop is set by assigning the number of bars in the loop like other tracks but on the module track. Time stretching if pattern bpm is changed :drooling_face:
Maybe I have been playing with the serato studio beta to much because now I want time stretching

    ~~~~ ____   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|   |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
   Y_,___|[]|   | OP-Z SAMPLER HYPE TRAIN |   | ! SAMPLER MODULE !  |
 //oo---OO=OO    OOO    OOO     OOO     OOO     OOO     OOO     OOO



make it fast :slight_smile:


Yes a sampler / looper module with a SD card is the best thing I expect on the OP-Z


That would be cool as long as you can still sample and do basic functions without it installed, I like having the oplab installed most of the time and don’t want to have to constantly switching them out all the time…


The OP-Z has 1GB flash memory, it does not need an SD card…