at least you could do all of this by yourself with Unity!


We need a good and easy way to copy tracks to the same track on a different pattern, you could do this in mixer mode.


-singlecycle waveformsynthengine better than 6 sec thing i think…
-synthengine editor maybe something to import wavetables

  • microtonic as engine


Have you tried doing this? You can copy a pattern to a different project. It might work the same way.


Just thinking about bouncing patterns to memory and how you can’t currently review those on the op-z.
Might be really cool to have a second tape plug that allows you to load bounced patterns. I mean, they’re on the op-z already.
So instead of the current tape buffer you’d have ten seconds of bounced music to mess with.


midi settings (ch/in/out/midi out module /cv out module per channel

lfo to cv out on module channel


Some of these have probably been covered before but if i say them again and if TE read this and other posts saying the same thing then maybe they will implement them. I have no idea of what the architecture of the OPZ can do so if some of these ideas are pie in the sky or you can already do them then sorry in advance.

Loop start and end points controllable using shift and the encoders, this would allow for single cycle i think which you can sort of do now but you have to sacrifice a drum track

Synth playback options Gate/Trigger/Loop on Release, Mono/Poly etc across all sounds if possible

No fade when i release a punch in effect key/ maybe the same with the Tape effect too, a sharp cut would be harder to work with maybe but more rewarding when used fast. Maybe create a fader setting for those who like it?

Assignable punch in effects using drag n drop from the app with more stutter time options possible filter options?

A pitch parameter lock on the recorded pitch of a drum sample, so once its played its locked and i can add subsequent drums from the same sample at different pitches and not always have a pitch bend effect. It would also mean more versatility with beeps and bips for creating extra melodies

More LFO destinations and greater frequency range

A tab in the app that can create synth sounds that can be added to your OPZ

A synth module ( i don’t think OPZ has a synth engine and just uses samples to create the sounds right?)

More filters

Just a few, don’t get me wrong i think this machine is great, I think it could be amazing if TE could somehow make it like a modular patch device that we could drag and drop what we wanted from sounds to filters and spark components etc onto our OPZ’s allowing us to be a little more customised in our use of them.


A manual that is not segmentned. I would like one that displays all on one webpage so I can use the search function to keywords.

Also, a way to turn the sound off when changing tracks. This may be a thing already but I haven’t came across it yet.


tablaninja on the forum made a pdf of the manual, so you can search on it. Here it is
Or you have this one on reddit
About the sound when you are changing tracks, i think there is something on the configuration file in content mode you just have to change “true” to “false”


@harrypooppers thanks! totally forgot about the reddit group as well. Many Thanks for the insight and time. And thanks @tablaninja for the pdf as well.



You’re welcome


Is there any new synth engines coming out? Thought that there would be more updates on those, cause i guess they should be pretty easy to do.

I think the OP-Z i kinda lacking here. I mean the 2 parameters on some of them sounds like just filter parametersm which you already got parameters for. Really would like to se engines where the 2 parameters drasticly alters the sound.

An FM enging, and an 8-bit nintendo style engine would be nice for starters…


Punch-In Effect Banks.

Playing with syncing the op-z/opLab to Pocket operators and had an idea.
The POs have different punch-in effects that add to their individual character.

What if the op-z had different punch-in effect banks; so the current set would be bank (or plug) 1, then a whole other set could be on 2, etc.

Imagine switching punch-in sets on the fly.

Then via the app, maybe you could configure your punch-in sets. Mix and match different punch in effects between banks.

Even further, maybe TE could release a tool for designing and sharing custom punch-in effects.

So much potential in this little device, can’t wait to see where they go with it.


I would really like to be able to use step components on the module track.

I’ve read that you can overcome this by assigning MIDI channel 14 to any of the other tracks (and plan to try soon), but native step component support on the module track would be appreciated.


Yes. And i think that is already in the pipeline.
Just like the effects for the effect channels.


I would really like to see:

  • stereo and/or ping pong delay
  • a different reverb algo that doesn’t sound so harsh
  • the option to choose between the five 10 second bounces and one 50 second bounce
  • Sampling
  • Chromatic mode for drum samples

Also, when using the OP-Z’s midi clock as a master to sync Live, it seems to drift a bit. It would be nice if that could be improved.


Idk… I feel it’s confusing enough already and there is enough now to explore for the rest of my life and not hit a limit… I think the should focus on new synth engines and sampling, the pinch in effects are already great. We need the punch in effects on the module track and tape track, that would be dope.


+1 …and maybe they could enable the possibility of rearranging the step components to one’s liking.


But then they wouldn’t match the pictures on the keys!


which edition of the pictures :wink: