would be nice to see the KICK DRUM’s pitch on app, so you can fine tune it


@An3 said:
program changes to ext midi

I did this by accident yesterday - hooked up my JU-06 and played my project with 6 linked patterns. First pattern changed JU-06 to patch 11, second to 12 and so on. No idea how to control this though.


Swing per track and some kind of visual feedback on the app what the amount of swing applied is.


I might be misunderstanding your request but I think you could achieve this by setting your note length to drone.


Hello! No traditional chord memory, hold a chord, press something, and that chord can then be transposed and played with single keys


Ah, I see! that would be sweet.


A way to start looping from any step to any step !
Like for example on the master track having two different chord progressions : one from step 1 to 8 and another from 9 to 16 and the possibility to switch from one to another by looping according to 1rst or 2nd half of the 16 steps…
But also to mess around with strange polyrhythms! :slight_smile:


Jump components already allow you to jump to 1 5 9 or 13. Would be nice if repeated presses flashed stronger and let you go four steps between all of those.


I would like to be able to transpose each track(all channels) when sending midi from the opz, not just the bass, lead, apr. chord) I should specify i down want to transpose all tracks at once i just want to be able to have the option to transpose each track individually. Ex: what if i want to use the four synth engines as audio output and not send midi from these channels. But i want to send midi out via channel 2 and need notes beyond the set two octave range. Hope this makes sense. cheers


A few things I’d like to see, that hopefully wouldn’t be too tricky to implement:

  • LFO to pitch
  • LFO on FX parameters
  • Ability to loop samples when used as a synth plug (so you can use them as waveforms), and sample start/end controls for synth plug samples.
  • Ability to make sounds sent to FX tracks like reverb wet only. (Possibly some of the FX already do this? With the bit crush it sounded to me like it was 100% wet)


I have my ip-z for a week and it is very deep and funny device.
I have two simple features that should be easy to implement.

  • Micro step note length, holding step, step button to adjust note length and + or - buttons to adjust note length at micro step level. This combination it just change note micro step position, like just holding step button, so it isn’t used for any task.

  • An arpegio mode to just simple disable arpegio mode, it could be usefull if you dont need arpegios in your song, an extra synth track could be usefull, even if it has one voice,


Loops work if they’re enabled in the sample; if you get something like the hammond organ sound from it’ll loop. The issue is that when you release the key, the sample stops looping. I think the OP-1 had this issue as well.


Just would want audio over USB, one stereo chanel would do. Would be so awesome to record and finish songs just having the op-z and a laptop.


I would like it if you can use the screen when you are using photomatic or motion on the big screen through hdmi , or is this already possible?


Noticing how the op-1 has the ability to reverse or randomize a sequence in the Endless sequencer; might be really cool to assign different playmodes per track on the op-z - or even sequence the changing play mode. So for instance, play forward for three bars, then play in reverse or random for a bar.


i would dig more synth engines!

-dual osc saw and square wave engines. green=osc 2 pitch blue=osc2 level.
-chip tune engine (sid emulation?). green=wave type blue=detune of second osc?


There are so many good ideas here. I would love to add the mixer as a full page in the app. I want to be able to use faders without holding the button or buying a midi controller.


Hello :v:

i would like :

  • the pitch-bend ‘Tape Stop’ effect to work on the Performance track also
  • pattern-lengh quantization of mute groups by pressing Mixer + Play + mute group trigs
  • the other gyroscope axis to be assignable/assigned to sound modulations
  • the factory content to be accessible/replaceable via Content Mode
  • drum synthesizers

and of course more LFO destinations, more FX, etc


Being able to choose trigger edit type would be great! For editing trigs placing a new note removes the previous but it would be great to toggle this behaviour to add the pressed notes instead.


after a few weeks with the op-z i have some thoughts on the sequencer. first, it is really well done. second, i have ideas to make it more well done. these could be all done together or some are different ways to achieve the same thing.

-separate the patterns per track and sequence all the patterns in a grid (app) or chain them per track. this allows you to move to the next pattern without having to change the pattern of another track. this provide so much more flexibility for variation.

-step mute state memories. this allows patterns to have more variation when sequencing.

basically whats driving these is the evolution of perc tracks. i might want a simple hi-hat that adds parts or i want to be able to program a more complex pattern and mute the step to simplify and un-mute to evolve.