Swiss army knife for Pocket Operators, OP1, Volca, Modular etc

After becoming a tad miffed at how the PO’s work when chained and the associated volume issues, I started to think about a solution to mixing them and syncing them whilst still retaining the casual portability that makes them so much fun, I was using 2 of my 6 channel passive stereo mixers with great results, so I decided to expand upon the idea and come up with a solution specifically for this and other common studio/modular issues, such as clock distribution, mult-ing signals, and passive mixing.

I decided that 4 inputs would be a good compromise, not too much signal loss, nice and small and affordable, then I decided that it would be super handy to have it switchable between mono or stereo, so that it could be used for clock or modular signals that require TS connectors, or TRS for stereo audio such as iOS, OP1 etc. and that it should be bi-directional so it can be used as 4-1 or 1-4. The idea being that it would be a flexible little tool for common needs in a studio or live environment.

So here it is, the 4 way passive mixer/distributor, yours for £20GBP plus shipping, or 2 for £35GBP
The idea of having 2 is one to handle PO sync, another for PO audio :slight_smile:
Built using good parts, and handmade in UK.

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No corkscrew?

Awesome @darenager! Great thinking behind this – two-way and mono/stereo.

Lol @karbonckel

Cheers @vehka yes it started out as 2 separate ideas, then I though why not merge them :slight_smile:

I was just thinking of doing this. How can I order 3 of them?


excelent thinking
excelent constraction
price is also excelent

i hope you are gonna build many of those
we all gonna need some sooner or later .

Thanks guys, right now I am just waiting on some parts, then there will be a small batch available, PM me to go in the first batch of 20.

I think I have PM,d everyone who expressed an interest, but if I have missed you let me know.

There are plenty available for 2 per person at present.

UK shipping is £2.50 Rest of World is £9 (tracked insured)

Most of them will ship Monday 27th April if payment is made before then.

If you miss out on the first run and there are enough interested then I will do a second run.

Remember my 6 channel stereo and 4 channel mono mixers are still available, as well as Synclab, so if you are based outside UK and was thinking about picking up any of these as well then it will make sense to order in one shipment as it will still be £9 (upto 250g IIRC)

Hey @dareneger, I (am almost sure I) posted you a message yesterday evening…

I would need one 6-ch and one of your brand new 4-ch to be shipped to France…
Please PM-me your Paypal address and how much you ask for it :slight_smile:

EDIT : I found the message !
It seems to be not private ^^

^ @LyingDalai Ah, found it I just replied, let me know if you got it ok :slight_smile:

Still a few left in case anyone else is interested! (some on hold, some sold)

First batch all shipped today!

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Anyone out there can be sure Darenager is a top man and can order with confidence, quality devices and great turnaround!
Nice one @darenager hope you get some good sales and recognition!

Thanks @Beardyjack for the kind comments :slight_smile:

crap. they’re all gone?

@drybones I still have some available :slight_smile:

@darenager - messaged you back the other day, just checking to see if you got it? thanks!

@instantjuggler you got PM :slight_smile:

Just a quick update to everyone who sent payment in last few days, I will be posting yours tomorrow as it has been a bank holiday here in the UK.

If anyone else wants one only a few left until new boards arrive.

Bumping this as only 3 left now!