Swiss army knife for Pocket Operators, OP1, Volca, Modular etc

Received mine and very pleased - very useful little devices.

Does this have 1/4" or 1/8" mini jacks?

^ 1/8" (3.5mm TRS)

All gone for now, waiting on new boards then a new batch will be available, feedback from users has been great!

when will the next batch be available?

@chris_hta Probably within a week or so

Ok new batch started, slightly changed design, new ones have a hole in middle to screw them to a surface, other than that just slightly cosmetically different.

@darenager I sent you a pm a few days ago…did you get it?

just received this little thingamagog! played around with po:s and volca, very happy with it! :slight_smile:

is it possible to make a hole in the middle with the old batch btw, @dareneger?

@thedrexl - I am only on mobile at present will get back to you soon

@Ullbasunen - glad u like, yes you can drill hole in centre, just be sure to avoid traces. Hold up to light then mark with sharpie, drill carefully with tungsten bit.

@dareneger thanks, cool!

This is awesome .Mixers should be made like this more often.Attention to detail,well thought out and built,reversable.
You can tell its been purpose built.I dont have POs (yet) but still so useful.
Thanks a lot @darenager .

Hey thanks @Spheric_El glad you like :slight_smile:

just testing the setup, not started composing yet… but loving my all battery powered setup with @darenager 's mixer + splitter! thanks for making them!

^ Nice! Minirig speaker?

Love that tabletop jamming set-up, good balance of gear Volca sample and PO’s work great together don’t they?

@instantjuggler: what’s the utility you’ve got everything tied into to the left of the kaoss pad?

^ @needles - check out this topic :slight_smile:

Ah…must be Daren’s new design version. I picked up two of the older model. I hadn’t seen the newer one yet. Thanks @josker.

@needles - it’s @darenager 's 4 channel passive mixer with volume controls.

Hey @darenager, I would like to buy two of these for my new PO family, one for sync and one for mixer duties. Have you still got any available? I’m in Scotland.

For the sync, how do I drive the sync using the POs only? Do I need to use splitter cables and mono to stereo adaptor jacks?