Synthesized Piano Patch

Piano patch for the String engine. The sound is a bit muted, but otherwise pretty darn realistic if I say so myself. Either String is awesome and surpasses even STR-1 of Kronos or some piano was used as its basis and I managed to “uncover” the original sound. Anyway, I thought I’d share. It goes cleanly over 3 octaves. 4 with mild aberrations. This is much better than what you would get from a single-note sample if you want some range.


Holy shit - that is impressive!

nice work !

Really nice :slight_smile:



I just tried it, nice :wink: Though I do have slightly cut sounds sometimes if I play fast. Anyone?

Wow, this is killer, didn’t expect a piano this authentic to come out of Op1 without using samples. Has a nice lofi vibe to it too. Thanks for sharing the patch, looking forward to having it onboard :slight_smile:

awesome! thanks for sharing!

now if i could just get an electric piano sound outta FM…

How do I get this? Edit: never mind


I don’t get it? doesn’t sound like karplus strong, you sure this came from the string synth? Be great to learn how it was synthesised.

Heh, incredulity is the best compliment when it comes to synth patches.

Yes, it’s String. I attached the patch file to the post, so you can just look at it. But here is the general idea.

I dialed tension down and vibration strength most of the way up. This produced the base sound. I used a low pass filter to get rid of all the String buzzing. That was the key, and it took a while to find a good setting. I offset the white microphones setting just a bit off maximum to make the sound boomy, similar to piano’s wooden body. I applied a square LFO of the right length to simulate hammer striking sound. The whole thing was an accident followed by a lot of fine tuning of all the parameters available.

I myself was surprised by how piano-like it sounded in the end. I guess it makes some sense, since pianos use strings, but it is also a testament to how versatile OP-1 really is, despite apparent simplicity.

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You just earned an OP1 synthesis master reputation !!
I’m really impressed by your patch, very nicely done @gambler !!

(first post, I think, even though I have been ghosting for years)

This patch is just incredible, I fired it up and could not believe my ears. Well done @gambler, just pure awesome sound design! I think you can open up Punch even more without loosing ‘realness’.

Yup, genius patch. Think we’ll be hearing a lot of it :wink:

thumbs up!

Awesome patch, thank you!!

bravo! very impressive how well you’ve coaxed such a realistic sound out of the string engine

The patch doesn’t seem to be attached to this post anymore @Gambler. Any chance you can reupload?