Tape pop/click replication/avoidance

Just a heads up for anyone who is frustrated with pops and clicks on their tape; I’ve found out the reason it occurs and when to expect it. (at least on my Op-1 running 237)

Excuse this if this is already known information.

Simply put, whenever you record anything that uses the OP-1’s native effect engines you will get a pop/click at the end of a take. This pop/click varies in volume and tone depending on what effect is active and how it’s parameters are adjusted.

I’ve found two workarounds for this problem. First, my preferred one; when possible, always set your out loop point one bar past your intended loop point. This way you can end your take in empty track space. This allows you find the pop/click more easily, and keeps it out of an otherwise flawless take.

The other workaround is shutting off the effect engine before the take ends, which I find impractical in most situations.

Note that recording silence to clean a pop/click will still result in a pop/click if the engine: synth, sample, or drum still has effects engaged.

Hope this helps someone if it hasn’t been discussed already.

Are people still having pops/clicks in the latest OS update?



I think the pops & clicks are not related to the OS.

However, I have/had similar issues and these older forum entries helped me:

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Hopefully it’s useful to you as well :wink: