Teenage engineering choir with OP–1 field


Yes or no?

this is one of the best things the company has ever done! incredible art project, made available to the general public. this has to be peak TE golden era with all these releases stacking up all of a sudden?? has all of these things built up during the pandemic and now they are just pouring out?


well they did release the op-1 field and TX-6 earlier this year so I guess they are allowed to release some useless stuff (toy record cutter, way overpriced bags and now this) just for fun.

Finally. But I thought the dolls were colorfully painted.

Yes crazy stuff. Almost monthly release. Can’t wait for the OP-1 field update


I agree it’s (like) a work of art, but the problem is there is a difference between buying an instrument and buying an art work. If you buy an instrument, you are the artist, but if you buy an art work you are just a collector. It’s hard to make your own mark on something so complete. This will end up in the museums, but it will bypass the shop.

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Adorable video.

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These things are and sound awesome but after spend 2000 euro’s on the field, they also could implemented this choir synth in the op-1 field. And while they where at it, also implement a vocoder, arcade 8 bit synth/arpegiator on the field. If I only could wish.


They actually spend 13 years to refine this project


IMHO this is a great way to celebrate the origins of the company. From Jesper himself in the TE Choir manual :« without the absolut choir there would be no OP-1, no pocket operators, speakers or synths. there wouldn’t even be a company named teenage engineering. »

Those might not be for everyone but for TE fans or OP-1F lovers or just people looking for something fun and creative they can be quite attractive.


I can imagine that they planned to release the OP-1 field or TX-6 in 2021 as an anniversary but maybe ran into problems caused by pandemic and chip shortages. This might be a reason they release this many products in a short time.


The original OP-1 had bright colours also, field is more muted and minimalistic. For something people might have in their home I think sticking with the woodgrain is more classic though.

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That’s cool but let’s be real. I would much rather more tracks and velocity sensitivity added to the OP-1 Field then $2000 more on wooden dolls that sing notes. IMO


can anyone get any changes out of your choir member(s) with the encoders on the
op-1f? i can connect BLE no problem and play the choir, but i don’t seem to be sending CC messages with the encoders… any thoughts?

Do you have ‘other’ activated on the midi page?

You got one! Any chance of an overview/opinion?

thanks for your help! i did actually already have other activated on the midi page. i will try later with an op-z…

i love it!!! its super super nice! great quality, even better than i expected. it sounds awesome. playing it with the sequencers on the op-1 is so much fun. when they were first announced i was thinking that maybe only having one was not worth it, but seeing it in person i definitely think its an option. i’ll wait until the rest of the choir arrive, and i’ll have to see if the whole chorus is worth keeping or not. i’m guessing it will be crazy cool, but for now i’m pretty blown away by how much fun 1 is so far…

i shot a couple of quick videos last night before going to bed, nothing fancy:


Well that’s adorable