Teenage Engineering does not make sense to me at all

As I read through the forum posts, all I can think of is that TE is one strange, strange company. On one hand, they release the OP-1, which was so cool at the time it garnered a place in the Museum of Modern Art for the design and clever use of technology. They started to offer other products as well, still steeped in clever design. However as time went on, grumblings about their lack of customer service and general ignoring of customer questions and requests became commonplace here and on other forums.

Backorders became commonplace. Their flagship product would appear and disappear from big retailer stock for months or longer. Consistent complaints about QA were starting to get louder and louder. Some people would get great customer service when they reached out to TE, others were totally ignored. Vague statements from TE and videos that did not answer questions made it all even more confusing and confounding.

The OP-Z was a case study in vaporware for literally years. Finally it made it to market, but again has been dogged by QA issues according to some. Announcing that the OP-1 was “not dead” in a big promotional email, they started selling the OP-1 again - this time at almost twice the original price, and shipping them in what looks to be old, beaten up packaging (and quite possibly old stock rather than new production runs, “new screen” statements running contrary to that statement). A lot of people are asking the question as to whether the “new” run of OP-1s being sold are really just old stock that has been either refurbished (b-stock) or found in the corner of a warehouse somewhere.

In an interesting turn, it was said by company personnel online that they build things for themselves - what they want to make/build - as opposed to what customers want. This statement has to be the most confusing of all, given that usually ignoring what your customers want is a recipe for failure in most businesses.

I’m speculating here - but I sincerely wonder if the genius minds that actually developed and created the OP-1 are no longer even working for TE. Pocket Operators and “modular” pieces aside, where is the innovation that led to the OP-1? And why do so many people have problems when it comes to dealing with TE, while others say they had excellent service? Inconsistent customer service is rampant, it seems.

All in all, I have to wonder about this company and the overall trust I can put in their products and service. If I were a potential customer now, I would be VERY concerned about plunking down $1,299 for a “new” OP-1, or trusting the quality/build of any of their current products. While TE fanboys can defend them all they want, the scores of stories and testimonials running through the threads of this forum really do serve to question these things. I love the OP-1, and it did create a huge buzz and obviously created this forum. But I can’t help but think that the team that originally created it has moved on, and left a company who squandered a golden opportunity to do amazing things. Now it seems its products are just derivative and not really anywhere near the innovation of the OP-1. Products are stalled. Customer Service is spotty. QA is poor, and possibly non-existent. Software updates have been slow to say the least. What seemed like a darling of the industry has really been stained by the above issues in the years since the OP-1 original release.

I wish I knew the real story - because this company does not make sense to me at all, and I will not be spending the significantly overpriced money for their products when questions like these still abound.


Hyperbole much. Wow.
Please make it stop. I used to come to opforums for talk about TE products. But nowadays it is almost like gearshits. A constant user error whinefest
Grow up. Buy something better Behri? But don’t be like this. It is uncalled for.
This site is for users of TE products.
Complaints are for the TE customer site.
Or am i wrong? well maybe i am. But i still love every product i bought from them.


Bulls**t. This is a general part of this forum, and LOTS of people have serious questions about TE and it is perfectly fine to discuss them here, whether you like it personally or not. Nothing I have said is anything that hasn’t already been discussed before. I’m just trying to understand why. Don’t tell me to grow up - you need to learn something about respecting the right to have an opinion and expressing it. I AM a user of TE products, therefore I have every right to say something if I choose.


Why we must stop? This is a forum for users of TE products, and that involve all aspects of TE products, even support service. And there is one thing called freedom of expression, so If I make it respectfully, It should not be a problem. I don’t think that this problem is a question of madurity of the users, we don’t need to grow up, but if you release a product, and it clearly have defects, I have the same right to ask about it.

I bought my OP-Z at the end of january, TE have my OP-Z more time than I enjoyed before sending it to repair. 5 weeks repairing, and I don’t know anything about my OP-Z.

I like the concept and the design of TE products, but you can be sure that the next gear I will buy, it probably will not be a TE product.

In fact, I already bought a Novation Circuit, after waiting several weeks, knowing that the repair will be long.


Do you ever have an argument? The person made a comment with facts either reply to the facts or dont bother. You can buy all TE products that exist and will exist…no ones stopping you


Dont expect any sympathy here or Facebook groups. I have posted many FACT BASED complains and never got an answer. My posts get deleted every time by the mods. But as i posted elsewhere i can tell you what happens. If you are in Europe you can get a replacement or a refund TOMORROW ( you say you sent it back 5 weeks ago ). What TE is doing is this. They receive your 1400 euro + shipping and send you a product. The product is defective. You return it. Now TE has your product AND YOUR MONEY with which they can do anything they like. You will never get a straight answer from them about dates. They can tell you it needs 4 months to repair…they can tell you ANYTHING and all this time they have your 1.400 euro and use it. In Europe , at least this is ILLEGAL. Within 14 days at the most the company has to either refund or replace the item If they don’t you could sue them. By the way this godlike attitude people have for TE is simply beyond me.


Illegal pff good luck with your negativity. I hope you enjoy something someday. :+1:t2:

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A true fanboy…i think i will enjoy a burned hamburger with stale potatoes…and say thank you as well…and by the way if you do even the simplest research on EU laws you would know that it is ILLEGAL…sorry to disappoint you…but do try and have arguments instead of pff next time.

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Off course i am a fanboi. This site is not for hatebois.
Like you i am from Europe so English is not my native language. But what argumets do i need beside my good experiences with TE?
But try to read your comments before you post. And do not forget to breath. Pff again.

Your lack of any empathy at all regarding all of the issues others have had with TE is really nothing short of cultish. What you don’t realize is that you are one bad screen or shorted out connector away from finding out for yourself what others have experienced and tried to get answers for. And the possible good experience you personally have had with TE customer service is still not an indicator of how everyone is treated. My original post just summarized the questions many of us have about TE. Your post did nothing but try to shoot the messenger. Try to put yourself in the shoes of those who have had to wait months for their OP-1 to be fixed.

Try to be a bit more understanding, rather than verbally attack those who bring it up. You will most certainly enjoy your life more if you do this. I do enjoy my life. Every day. And I also raise questions when they are relevant. It helps me feel that I’m trying to improve something by pointing out the inadequacies - and I didn’t personally attack anyone at TE for them. I just ask why, and whether it is worth giving them more money for more products given those inadequacies. Trolling and shooting the messenger is absolutely a recipe for unhappiness and negativity - so good luck with THAT.


eh… what about caring for other people who have had horrid experiences?..next time it might be you…support is a collective thing…forget it…im wasting my breath…


I disagree with original poster. The OP1 was infamous for its delay/vapor-ware (like years wasn’t it?) and people have complained about customer support for as long as I can remember. Fast forward to the OPz launch and it seems the same, actually it’s marginally better.

TE release their products exactly the same way they always have. :man_shrugging:

I really don’t know what these long posts are for, on a forum which TE doesn’t respond on. Although phrased poorly, @fallen_lassen is correct.

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Yes you do.i hope i am next for your sake.
And i am sorry i do not have empathy for strangers on the internet because i am on the autism spectrum.

In a way, you just summarized why I posted in the first place. Just because TE behaves in this way doesn’t mean it is right, or can’t be better - or that people should continue trusting them as a company to support what they sell. And while this forum doesn’t get direct response from TE, I am sure they get the message eventually, unless they really don’t care about their users. Then they won’t.


Nothing wrong with that, but see a doctor about your autism…

I already did. Now you go to a psychiatric person with your negativity.

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I will reply for the last time. Someone posted a comment with arguments and facts. If you can refute with your own arguments and facts , i am all ears…if not their isn’t any point in this. Thanks

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Do not forget TE is a very small company. Maybe they do not have the personnel for better customer service. And do not forget they have a lot of new products right now…they are not Behri with thousands of employees. Is this a good argument?

We know they are a small company. But the answer to your question is no. It is not a good argument. Because a responsible company stands behind the products they release with good customer service, good overall communication regarding that service, and QA that ensures when someone plops down $1,300 dollars for a product, they can expect it to arrive defect-free, and in packaging that doesn’t look like it has been rotting in a warehouse for years, as evidenced by some of the pictures posted here and elsewhere.


Ok ymmv. As they say. In the us of a.