Testing Cases for OP-1 Field

I’m not sure if anyone will find this useful or not, but I’m cheap (the irony I know) and picked up a few cases from Amazon that are for other products of similar dimensions to use for my new OP-1 Field. I did this originally with my original OP-1 and an Apple Magic keyboard case, and it worked out well.

First thing I want to say is that any of these case will likely work well depending on your needs but if you want the OP-1 to be secure you need some additional foam. Preferably cut to size to custom fit the OP-1. I’m just going to use some foam from packaging I already have laying about.

First up is the Hermitshell Hard Travel Case for Apple Magic Keyboard. I used this for my original OP-1 and it worked great. It was a tight fit with the deck saver. The power button on the OP-1f causes issues and ends up sitting right between the ‘bead’ and you can accidentally power it on using this case.

Second up is the KEMOVE X DIERYA Keyboard Travel Case. This case is the longest (widest) case of the four and similarly thick to the rest. It’s colorful if that’s your thing. The elastic/velcro seems cheap as does the mesh pocket at the top. This was my least favorite. It’s just not a great size and some of the pieces feel cheap.

Third up is the Geekria UltraShell Compact Keyboard Case. This case is the deepest by far and would great if you wanted to carry some accessories too. You definitely would need to cut some foam to size but could possibly create custom foam tray to go over the OP-1 for accessories.

Last up is the DJ2GO2 Hard Travel Case. This case is likely what I’ll go with. It’s very similar to the Geekria in width and height but not near as deep and has no pocket for accessories. It comes with a cheap piece of egg carton foam.

Apologies for the poor pictures, poor type up, and general lack of good information here, was kind of a rush job. Hopefully it helps someone. Again, I think any of these would work well but you would want to create some custom foam padding and I generally only tested with the deck saver in place. Also, I’m not affiliated with any of these products.

Hermitshell: Amazon.com
KEMOVE: Amazon.com
Geekria: Amazon.com
DJ2GO: Amazon.com


If anyone wants a specific picture or question answered, let me know. Going to be returning the ones I’m not planning on using soon.

Dude, the best case I have for the field is just a deck saver from a company in the UK, I can find it if you want and to slip that inside the white OP-1 field travel case. It is a super snug fit and is basically a hard case.


Does the decksaver fits with the original Field case? Isn’t it to snug?

No it’s a perfect fit. It takes pushing into the case with two thumbs and feels tight but then it kind of stretches the fabric out a little and works like a charm. Protects everything on top of the op-1 field and the back you don’t have to worry about because it’s solid aluminum. I wouldn’t drop the thing but it’s completely protected this way for traveling. The screen protector doesn’t even get in the way of the on/off switch when switched to off. I can tell you where I bought the screen protector if you need.


I thought the white part of the base was plastic, is it white aluminum??

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I have a nice Roland Boutique bag I’m hoping will fit my Field well. Don’t have it yet (the field) so can’t be certain

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You’re right it is a white plastic base but around the sides and top sides are aluminum. Either way with a deck saver and snug in the bag I have no fear of throwing this thing in a bag for traveling.

Thanks!! I have a decksaver here but waiting on my field and field case. Do you have acces to the front pocket of the bag for cables when using the decksaver?

Yes, you can access cables, it’s just super tight, but still possible. Also depends on how thick your cables are. My teenage engineering stereo split 1/4” to 1/8” cable and some apple headphones fit fine in it.

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Thanks :pray::pray:

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for the og op-1 i’ve been really happy with the case made by meme antenna: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LLJRPC2

decent room for cables/accessories and will survive a pretty hard drop. i don’t have a field to try it with, but as long as the power button requires at least a little intentional force i don’t think it would be an issue


I also have this case (Mimi antenna). My OG-1 doesn’t fit fully in the bottom “cut out”. It has to rest on top of one of the sides, by about 1/8-1/4”.

Overall it still feels protected tho! And it fits an OP-Z in a roll up sleeve, and cables in the outer pocket.

could anyone with a field and a decksaver check, whether the decksaver fits the op1 field from behind?

If it does getting two decksavers and a piece of rubber could be a perfect hardcase. the knob bulges on the back could fit some cables, maybe?


holy shit!!! that’s genius!!!

i just tried my decksaver… it works perfectly… in fact, you would get a little gap in between the top and bottom decksaver, and guess what- its the exact size you need for the power switch!!!

i’m ordering another decksaver immediately. so much better for how i travel than what i have now- i use the decksaver inside the original unit portables bag… its all super safe and then i throw it in my backpack anyway. but having the 2 decksaver sandwhich… its like literally 50% smaller overall than the unit portables solution.


On the topic of the DeckSaver. I did notice that it is still possible to use it as a sort of kick stand like on the OG-1 but because of the new back design the OP-1f, it’s a little crooked because it rests on the protruding plastic instead of the aluminum edge. It does fit perfectly on the back upside-down so the OP-1f leaning away from you. So it still kind of works as a little prop just not as well as the OG-1.

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FYI Decksaver w/ Chroma Caps on the Field; the cover touches the tops of the encoders.

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OK I modified my OG-1 case (the current one still available) for science.

Before mod, the OP-1F was only obstructed by its new power switch. And while the case is soft enough one could “force” the Field in there, l feel the potential stress on the switch was not an acceptable risk.

Using a pocket knife blade which is really sharp (ask me how I know, LOL) I made three small slices in a “U” shape, sized and positioned to accommodate the switch. I did not remove any material.

Next, using a finger, I pressed the material and inward and slightly upward…I was able to easily “sculpt” a small rectangular void.

TE may disapprove, but the Field fits perfectly, with no added stress on the switch, but with quite a bit of padding still present between the switch and the outside world.

That all said, the “two Decksavers” idea is brilliant, and I immediately ordered a second one! I think I’ll use the soft case for everyday and the Decksaver-sandwich for in my backpack in an overhead bin.

No, the Decksaver does not fit in the OG case. :slight_smile:


This is all great info. Thank you.

Is anyone using the original Unit Portables case with the OP-1f? If it does fit, would you be able to share some photos?