Testing Cases for OP-1 Field

It fits but I did turn on the power switch sometimes when I put it in, even with a deck saver on it

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I think I found the perfect bag for my needs:

[Adore June on Amazon](Adore June Hülle Keeb Combine kompatibel mit Apple Magic Keyboard 2015-2021 und Magic Trackpad 2015-2021, Hochwertige Tastatur-Tasche aus robustem Material, Schwarz https://amzn.eu/d/hEF26AZ)

looks durable, is obly slightly padded, fits op1field with decksaver, opz, cables and in ear headphones just nicely.

And it‘s cheap.

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Thanks! Just ordered one as well :grinning:

Thoughts on co2CREA Hard Case Replacement for Apple Magic Keyboard + Magic Mouse https://a.co/d/aENMK40

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would that also fit a tx6 at the same time?

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Excellent work! I shall do the same if I don’t like the new case. I’m suspecting I’ll prefer that older one, but we’ll see.

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The meme case flips the switch all the time for me… super fiddly and not fun for the Field. I suppose you could cut a notch in the material, but that’s not something I’m going to do.

where can you order those decksavers?

Almost every music store have them. But online you can find them also :slight_smile:

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As promised, here is the Roland boutique bag I had lying around - fits beautifully with lots of padding.


right so its not a op-1 field specific decksaver, the same one as on the OG OP-1 right?

wich reminds me, anyone have any nice recommendations on cables for OP-1 field?
specifically a nice 3.5mm to 6.3mm jack cable?

nice, which ones of the two options is this? the 20 or 24 bucks version?

Correct! Now they are both advertised as op-1 and op-1 field compatible :slight_smile:

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Thanks for doing exactly what I was going to try on mine and proving it a success!

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I’m using Unit Portables case too. It’s snug, so I was concerned about the flipping on the switch, and also the stress it would put on the switch over time. I cut down a small piece of foam rubber with a notch cut out for the switch; it sits flush under the lip of the DeckSaver, and creates a flat surface against the inside lining of the UP case. I figured if this doesn’t work I’ll resort to trimming the foam in the case itself, but so far so good.

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I gotta say, I’m really not happy with the ‘official’ bag. Mine is an extremely tight fit and I worry that the knobs are snagging on it going in and out.

Needs a very firm push to get in and very difficult to get out. I actually dropped the op1f and case trying to get it out as I had to pull on it so hard.

I’ve asked TE if I can return it. Maybe mine is a defective one and just sewn too tight. But it’s more or less unusable.

I think it’s just a bad design- it needs to be a rectangular cross section cut if it doesn’t have a zipper entrance all the way around. Just sewing together 2 flat pieces creates an arc on the opening on one end… and it’s this circular shape that catches on the knobs. While I love their other products, the TE textile department has been putting out consistently bad designs since that department was started a couple of years ago.


how about that for a portable studio. it is a reasonably tight fit, but it works.


note that piece of sugru I attached to the decksaver to handle that stupid power switch design

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