The gearlust thread part deux: post your GAS

Seems if we have a new forum, we should have a new GAS thread. The Wayback Machine only has the first page of the threads on it seems =/ And sometimes not the actual threads.


I’ve started playing bass again, and I’ll be damned if I don’t want an Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 and a beefy cab to go with it :slight_smile:

Electronic-wise, my OP-1, Octatrack, and Blofeld don’t leave me wanting for much. Perhaps an EWI 5000 whenever it finally comes out :smiley:

Your electronic trio sounds like a setup I should reach for.

As a Tycho fan I stumbled across this…controller??


Got a Monomachine coming next week, and then I’ll have an Analog Four coming in December.

I plan on having the Swedish Ambient Mafia set-up:

Nord Lead 3, OP-1, Monomachine and Analog Four.

Don’t know if you’re aware on the Monomachine (you probably are… you’ve been looking into it for awhile!), but the LFOs are shared between internal and MIDI tracks. Nothing I’d consider a deal breaker, just don’t let yourself get caught scratching your head if you’re trying to sequence the Lead 3 and it won’t give you your LFOs lol…

Oh yeah - I’ve read the manual 3 times during the last month.

I don’t do a ton of automating when I sequence, so it’s totally not an issue.

wondering when my Patchblocks will arrive. The double rainbow surveys finally went out, so I’m hoping soon :smiley:

OP-1, Patchblocks, a Zoom MS-100BT, maybe another synth or snap up a cheap Roland SP box, running into a Tascam 414mkII I have kicking around… sounds deelishus.

Oh, and on the MnM, the LFOs are lovely to use on the delay parameters. You can get this tapey warble out of it that is so nice.

Tomorrow will be the day I finally get my System 90 from Pittsburgh Modular! I ordered it a looong time ago (February I think) and I have been very patient for a long time… but for the two last week the wait has been just horrible! I have spent at least 1-2 hours a day crawling the Muffwiggler forum and every day there is a new module that I “have to get”. This will not be good for my problem with GAS… good thing I´m going to be low on cash for a while anyway so I will have to constrain myself…

Lern2Modular, then give in to GAS @slomen :smiley:

In other news, apparently one can buy Patchblocks from outside Kickstarter, now, or so it seems:

Says the delivery time is about two weeks.

Also looks like people are creating custom “blocks” to add to the software editor. Wicked.

RYTM RYTM RYTM, won’t be able to afford one for a couple years at this rate so I got Sub Phatty. Loving it, really needed a mono synth in my life. Think my Mono Synth lust should be cured, although of course I want a Sub 37. Maybe I’ll get that in like 4 years after I get a RYTM haha! Pretty happy with my rig right now though! Very grateful to have some nice toys.

I´d take a PRO2 and then I´d feel all mono´d up!

@Virtual_Flannel after seeing your set I must say Rythm would fit in nicely. how are you integrating the sub phatty?

I have been on a roll lately that is not healthy. :slight_smile: Got a guitar pedal kick for awhile, Boss Tera Echo, Multi-Overtone, Flashback x4, Hall Of Fame, etc. Fun, sounded great, but a bit too limiting for me. Sold those and a Strymon Timeline arrived yesterday. That’s more like it!

Had a Maschine Studio for 4 weeks before I decided it was too MIDI/MPC centric for me. Put it up for sale and have been playing with my new OP-1 all week instead :slight_smile:

I just got an email from sweetwater today saying the Sub37 delivery date has been pushed back to late August/early September (I’m in the first preorder group). So… I’ve got gas for that considering they last told me it would be in the first week of July in their last update. Bummer since I chose to preorder that over the RYTM on the same day they were both announced. Maybe I’ll get a new computer so I can finally use my patchblocks that arrived in December only to collect dust.

I bought a used Analog Four to replace my Tetra on recommendation of coupe of people from the original thread. Pretty happy about it. I like how much thought they put into the interface. Finally, another company that gets it. I understand that Tetra is a much smaller, cheaper synth with fewer controls, but the controls it does have are underutilized or misused. It could be way, way more hands-on.

I never had a real proper step sequencer before, so having the ability to build and improve a beat in real time is very refreshing. Parameter locks are a great way to abstract away the complexities of parallel sequencers. I also like the mini-keyboard, which makes A4 a kind of standalone workstation.

Voice allocation capabilities of A4 are also very impressive. Hard to believe all of that was added as a software patch. But it makes sense. Release a minimum viable product, get money, continue development to get more sales.

My GAS is still an Analog Four. If I ever came home with one from a shop having spent over £1000 on a “Toy” my wife would literally cut my balls off. I can live in hope that I can sell some old tat on eBay and raise enough funds to purchase an A4 from somone for a rediculously low amount in an auction that ends at some strange time when no one else is online and bidding and I can laugh myself to sleep knowing I’ve bought an awesome new “toy” for a steal :wink:

I gassed out on a werkstatt. I really don’t need it and find the need to ground it a little annoying but I’ve wanted a moog for soooooo long. Virtual, a sub phatty seems perfect for you. I do hope you get the rytm someday. It’s fun for sure. However, the sample part is pretty limited, almost everything has a colored sound (IMO), the OS feels sorta beta still and I really believe it needs more machines. For example, the clap is pretty damn weak. I don’t know why they can’t make this better. Still waiting on fm bass toms, again toms could be more expressive. I love toms so…
Not discouraging you (I love it) just giving you some reasons to feel waiting is a good idea :slight_smile:

A mixer. Even a Behringer (trying to get a hold of a guy selling a UB1832fx pro for $40 lol). Looking into phasing out my OT (as godlike as it is) and using the Monomachine and maybe SP-404sx or iPad/Samplr as a replacements. But the OT was also my mixer (stereo outs of MnM and OP-1 into it). Damn it to hell for being so versatile…

Just an experiment, really, the OT has been my roll dog for a while, and I could easily use just it and be pretty damn happy with what I can do.

As for A4s @spacetravelmadeeasy… it didn’t help that Elektron raised the new price by, what was it, $250? Suddenly people who bought them for $1099 or $1050 are unloading them for $1100 =/ Good for them, sucks for people buying used, but I guess it’s nice the shoe is on the other foot for once. I paid $1540 for my OT lol…

I just got my OP-1.

That’s satisfied a huge amount of GAS. :smiley:

it was a graduation present from my uncle; he had gotten my older sister a new macbook, but I didn’t need a new laptop…

I love my A4. I still have my balls too :slight_smile:
I just built a mutable instruments shruthi-1 and I have an anushri with Rackmount kit on its way now. I’ve been soldering like crazy lately :slight_smile:
Oh I finally got an iconnectmidi4+ (instead of an oplab) last week. It’s fantastic! Haven’t really tried everything yet, but connecting the A4 and OP-1 was the first order of business.

Nice. I wish I had room to solder something like the LXR. Every so often I get a wild hair up my butt and want to sell everything, and only use DIY/Kits/opensource lol… or at least “small company products” like the MTRX-8, which I think is open source/hackable?

And why, oh why, are so many mixers all “lol, your stereo tracks are also your returns!! LOL!” cheap bastards -_-

In other news, my Patchblocks are in the US as of Saturday :smiley: